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 Syntel technical test questions  Syntel Technical Test Questions (16)  TCS aptitude test questions  Syntel Aptitute Test Questions (14)  Syntel placement papers  Syntel Placement Papers (8)  MBT interview questions  Syntel Interview Questions (232)
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3 : 4 :: 6 : ? a)30 b)25 c)15 d)11 Syntel  3  930
10 points are chosen on a plane. Every possible pair of points is joined by a line and the midpoint of the line is marked with red colour. What is the minimum possible number points on the plane which have been marked with red colour?    4  734
three circles with same radius r are drawn with centres as three vertices of a triangle.what is the sum of areas of the intersections of these circles with the triangle Safenet Syntel  2  3221
if 8men works 8hrs per day for 8days get rs.45,then how many men required if the work is 5hrs per day for 10days they get rs.60?(want solution with steps) Syntel Syntel  4  2869
in 10 hrs,if the cistern is filled ,then how much time the outlet takes to empty the cistern    1  774
highest power of 25 that divides the product of the first 100 multiples of 5,74,100,62 Syntel C.programinig Information  0  705
send information about interview and apptitude test. Syntel  2  1241
On 20 feet high pol a monkey climb/jump 4 feet and every time he fel/slip down 3 feet then, how many jump/climb he reach at top of the pol? DELHI POLICE Ftrtru Delhipolice In Ellar Infotech Lic Syntel  15  3596
you r given with 50 will you place those 50 tigers in a can place any no. of tigers in a room but the number of tigers u place must be an odd number? All Syntel  14  3200
a dog takes 4 leaps for every 5 leaps of a hare but 3 leaps of a dog are equal to 4 leaps of the hare .compare their speeds(.......... please give explanation....) Syntel Ssc  10  4551
Use Venn diagrams to answer each of the following questions. You must show your Venn diagram for each problem. 1. A survey of 80 sophomores at a certain western college showed the following: 36 take English ,32 take history 32 take political science 16 take history and English 16 take political science and history ,14 take political science and English 6 take all three How many students: a) take English and neither of the other two? ____________ b) Take none of the three courses? ____________ c) take history, but neither of the other two? ____________ d) take political science and history but not English? ____________ e) do not take political science? Jhkjh Jp Morgan Accenture Hjfgj  13  14356
Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job? (a) 8 hrs (b) 7 1/2 hrs (c) 7 hrs (d) 9 hrs Sbi Transworks TCS Atos Origin ATS IBM Kekran Mekran Transwork Nonr Four Soft TCS Tcs Entech Hcl Sreenakshatra Trrt Ims Dia Tcs Subix Prokarma Unysis Sathyam Aptitude Test Syntel Tech Mind Syntel L  27  25762
iwant to know which type of questions were coming in tcs company Syntel Syntel Tcs Tcs  3  2256
Can we create index on views? Syntel Timepass Please Let Me Know Can I Create Index On Views In Oracle? I Tried In SQL SERVER 2008 It Is Working Fine.  19  49962
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