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Semantic Space Interview Questions by Category

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Tell me the difference between the Data Driven Frame work and Keyword Driven frame work?    2  703
Hi I have scenario like this s/r table T/r table ename,sal empno,ename,sal vijay,2000 1 , vijay, 2000 kumar,3000 2 ,kumar , 3000 ravi ,4000 3 ,ravi , 4000 How can i get target table like that without using Transformer stage?    6  2917
Hi This is Vijay How Can u Read the data from sequential file Parall'y?    5  2897
Can a function return a dictionary object? Cg  2  4787
Does QTP recognize two diff browser's at a time..?if possible how..? Is it possible run scripts on Mozilla which are recorded on IE..?..How..? Tcs Ibm  12  9713
types of reviews?Advantages of reviews? Diff between process and procedure? diff b/w verification and validation? diff b/w cmm,cmmi? exp tqm,gqm,iso,ieee? Roles and responsibilities of tester? Ricks,types of ricks? what r Quality factors?    0  200
Let me knw the testcases for opening an account and for billing in shopping malls..?/?/?    3  3115
i have opend 2 gmails i am working with 1 gmail i want to close other gmail by usig script. 2.i have 10 links in a page all of them have same properties& names i want to click on 5link by using script. 3.i have one combobox in that i want to see all the citynames in the combobox and i have to check weather hyderabad is present or not. 4. size of objectrepository. 5.what r problems we get during writing the script. it possible to compare to excel sheets in qtp if possible wht is the script. 7.example for lowlevelrecording    3  1687
What is configuration Management What is change management What are Severity and priority levels What is Data integrity and Data validity What are the browsers available and explain their versions Is it possible that Quality variates project to project What are GUI Map files and explain their Contents What is Data base check point and why we go for that What is the difference between the Client server application and a Web application Does Winrunner Supports Web applications What is process Management What is an Error, Defect, Bug What is Quality Which version of Winrunner you are using What is Build Verification and why we go for it What is Defect density What is Integration testing What is Static testing and types of Static testing What is Validation testing what is Data driven testing and why we go for data driven testing what is the definition of Testing What is Sanitation Testing    1  1270
difference between web based application and window based application Igate Lexicon Technologies SVICS Akasf Dsys Evox  26  34609
How to write query to Delete the records in child table and corresponding records in parent table    11  15271
what is the format of test report?    3  5001
if u have 10 inputs & you written 500 testcases for that.out of this u found 20 a tester how u found from which requirement that a particular defect will occur.    4  2797
if we have normal testcase,it is failed, and regression testcase is also failed.what is the bug present in both the testcases?    6  2471
what is peer test? Softprodigy  2  7580
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