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SAP Labs Interview Questions by Category

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If there is only 1 company. Can still BPC can be implemented?    1  600
Hi Experts, 1. Can any one tell about how to know the Cube size 2. How to delete single Wrong transaction in Cube What Is Sap B1  2  635
Several infotypes can use one wage type without defining any permissibility. a) True b) False    1  659
12. The employee subgroup grouping for collective agreement provision allows you to assign different employees to different : a) Payroll area b) Payscale area c) Payscale type d) Payscale group e) None of the above Hexaware Hexaware Hexaware Hexaware  1  758
What is Transaction to view the Workflow status ? a) SWDD b) SWI2_FREQ c) SBWP d) SPRO    2  814
Function Module to upload the Excel sheet into SAP Internal Tables. * a) GUI_UPLOAD b) CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>GET_UPLOAD_DOWNLOAD_PATH c) CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>GUI_UPLOAD d) All the above    2  947
1.what are all the types in backflashing? and T-cde for it 2.what are the different places we can give back flush indicator? 3.what is product cost collector & its t-code? 4.what are all the costs involved in product cost collector many types of SOP?what is t-code for SOP 6.scheduling parameters for a production orders do you carry out capacity leveling 8.can you dispatch capacity for a single work center    3  1331
how do we add a new line in a schema.    1  783
Hi, given interview for a support project and need some suggesation on below issues. 1. how to improve SLA and what are the best way to improve SLA? 2. How to Increase the ticket resolution process? 3. suggest me some new process which will be helpfull in support project? Awaiting for your reply. Many thanks in advance    1  671
Hi, I need information about the tables of interactive scripting. Where the script saved in The Crm tablas ? Is there a connection to the Activity tablas?    1  1229
can anyone please explain the main difference betweeen campaign management and trade promotion and the purpose of there usage.    1  329
Hi, can any post the sap entries    1  791
In Open SQL statements such as Insert update delete which one is FASTlLY retrieve the results and which one is Efficient?    4  1895
How to Check From SAP Level and OS level, that your system is DUAL STACK or SINGLE STACK???    2  4960
how a programmer confirms that the data submitted has been succesfully inserted into the database(either oracle or my sql).. How a programmer confirm if there is any problem with the program he wrote for insertion    2  1326
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