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 Indian Airlines aptitude test questions  Reliance Aptitute Test Questions (16)  Reliance placement papers  Reliance Placement Papers (4)  Reliance technical test questions  Reliance Technical Test Questions (52)  Reliance interview questions  Reliance Interview Questions (329)
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: can anyone tell me rates of TDS for payment of contract, consultancy, advertizing, statioenry, salary, professional charges, technical fees, & honorarium for the financial year 2010-11    2  1005
if 12+22=24 23+8=6 32+13=40 73+16=144 then 36+2=? explain Hawkins Hawkins How Infosys Tcs Tcs l Reliance Wipro Adsadasd  12  5510
3,5,7,12,17,19,..????    9  1691
An electronic p controller has an input range of 1-5v, and output range of 4-20mA, while testing a step change of 0.4 was applied at the input , the PB setting was 50% ,what should be the change in the output ?    1  1219
I May I know about your self you    2  956
Can u please give suggestion that how to clean english    4  819
u choose major as a finance but now u r interested in job of sales and marketing why u want to entter in job of marketing Bajaj General Insurance Reliance Trends  3  2644
Why should i hire u for this job?    2  1664
what is pH value of fertile soil ?    3  2275
ls send reliance apptitude test paper for manegment Reliance Reliance Communication Reliance Reliance  19  6910
sbi exam model question paper FGR Wipro Company Ok  0  802
In a grass field, If there are 40 cows, they could eat for 40 days. If there are 30 cows, they could eat for 60 days. Than if 20 cows, How much day they could eat? a) 60 b) 80 c)55 d)50 Reliance Ibm TCS Ibm  32  6848
P?s father is Q?s son. M is the paternal uncle of P and N is the brother of Q. How is N related to M ? (1) Brother (2) Nephew (3) Cousin (4) Data inadequate (5) None of these Reliance Tcs Honeywell  37  4544
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