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Qualcomm Interview Questions by Category

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in mosfet we have different types like enhancement and depletion.but why do we preffer enhancement over dpletion    3  1353
Did mobile moves from cell DCH to Cell FACH State if so..What information will pass between Cell FACH and Cell Dch states Qualcomm  1  1782
Tell me how many tables used in Ur project and how many fact tables and dimension tables used in ur project I GATE Qualcomm  2  1080
Write a C program to perform some of the operation which can be performed using Single linked list    1  2871
You have an int array with n elements and a structure with three int members. ie struct No { unsigned int no1; unsigned int no2; unsigned int no3; }; Point1.Lets say 1 byte in the array element is represented like this - 1st 3 bits from LSB is one number, next 2 bits are 2nd no and last 3 bits are 3rd no. Now write a function, struct No* ExtractNos(unsigned int *, int count) which extracts each byte from array and converts LSByte in the order mentioned in point1.and save it the structure no1, no2, no3. in the function struct No* ExtractNos(unsigned int *, int count), first parameter points to the base address of array and second parameter says the no of elements in the array. For example: if your array LSB is Hex F7 then result no1 = 7, no2 = 2, no3 = 7. In the same way convert all the elements from the array and save the result in array of structure.    2  882
What is an arm processor?    3  4512
What is the output of following program ? int main() { int x = 5; printf("%d %d %d\n", x, x << 2, x >> 2); } Amazon  4  3743
Toggle nth bit in a given integer - num    5  5566
Binary tree traversing    1  1640
What is priority inversion ? and What is the solution ? Wipro Tandberg No  6  9612
What is the use of Thumb instructions in ARM processor ? Arm Processor  4  5404
Whats wrong with the following function char *string() { char *text[20]; strcpy(text,"Hello world"); return text; } Abcd  3  1811
1.write a program to merge the arrays 2.write efficient code for extracting unique elements from a sorted list of array? U  3  4897
1.find the second maximum in an array? do you create hash table in c? 3.what is hash collision HCL  9  4404
how to debug the report? Qualcomm Ibm  2  2344
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