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Polaris Interview Questions by Category

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How to declare the dynamic(run time) array in rpgle? can you please give example    2  579
Deleting a record from a Sequential file. Polarisis  1  571
Arrays in COBOL/400    1  267
I am having source ENO ENAME LOC 1 A PUNE 2 B MUMBAI 3 C CHENNAI Target ENO ENAME LOC 1 A PUNE 2 B MUMBAI 3 C CHENNAI If a new record coming from source from same location it should directly go to specified location in target at begining EX:if Eno with 4 coming from same Pune, It should directly load into the Pune location col with '|' symbol. Help me its very urgent Polaris I Want To Display The 5th Record In A Table? How?  4  1035
What are different performance tuning tools in sybase with example. How to optimize sql code in sybase server.    1  277
difference between 1:%found and %equal built function in detail with example .    5  976
Build is going to be delivered in another 30 mins.At that time you have find an critical failure. What will u do ?    4  2055
who will performe smoke testing?... by Senthil BE Software test Engineer(polaris..)    3  1089
A table containg 100 records B table containg 20 records we have to join two tables in left outer it containg target 100 records but target containg 101 record at that time what is the issue arise    1  1355
How to replace the exact word in vi editor?? suppose a file contains words like amaze,amazed,amazement in some of the line.But i want to replace only 'amaze' with delight but don't wanna replace amazed or amazement. thanks Mahendra Satyam  5  1483
difference between smoke and sanity testing? help me with the clear answer... Capgemini  4  1815
Main diff between varray and nested tablea    3  1474
I faced following questions in Polaris Interview. 1. Tell me about u r current organization 2. what is Black box testing? 3. what is white box testing? 4. What is Functional Testing? 5. What is difference between Black box & functional ? 6. what is test plan? 7. what is test strategy? 8. what is difference between Test plan & test strategy? 9. What is smoke testing ? 10 what is sanity testing? 11. who will perform smoke testing? 12. Explain about Agile process? 13. How much you know about QTP? ( I mentioned in my resume as Exposure on QTP) 14. Explain about u r current project? 15. What is the Requirement Traceability Matrix? 16. Can u draw the template for Requirement Traceability Matrix? 17. What is Ad-hoc Testing? 18. What is difference between ReTesting and Regression Testing. 19. Can u explain about Bug life cycle? 20. How can u make sure whether all requirements are covered or not? 21. Can u explain biggest complexity in current project? 22. what is difference between bug severity and priority? 23. Which bug tracking tool is u r using? 24. can u give one example for High severity and low priority bug? 25. can u give one example for High priority and low severity bug? 26. What is security Testing?    5  1928
what is agile testing with example    3  2069
i have two sources two flatfiles same structure one flatfile contain 100 million recs another flatfile contain 10 million recs i have to connect single target(performance oriented answer) what are the steps we have to do this scenario    3  1793
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