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Oracle Interview Questions by Category

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Given a single Linked list with lakhs of nodes and length unknown how do you optimally delete the nth element from the list?    1  1343
In the unified process, during which phases is requirement analysis mainly carried out?    4  2274
i need example for java abstraction. where we use abstraction and why we need abstraction.    2  6430
I have one POJO class(Java bean class), it has two variables for that it has setters and getters. Now i have created two objects for that class and i have set the data for those variables through this two objects. Now question is i want check whether those two objects have same data or not, for this write a program? Thanks, Bose.    2  3585
Read data from console and print in one file. That would be in C:\temp ? Thanks, Bose Surayasoftware  3  1691
What is the order in which the SQL query is executed? list them in order. Carrizalsoft Technologies Oracle  4  3175
what is meant by Drill Down in Discoverer report? why it will be use?    3  3337
How to know the number of invoices generated for one PO from front end (navigation)?    1  2023
How to insert data into two tables using single control file? VTI,chennai  3  4732
what is the diff between custom.pll and form personalization? Tell me one example?    4  7341
How to send the e-mail notification in XML Pub Report? Accenture  2  2281
What's a Cube in Rolap?    2  5472
What's the Main Function of the Staging area in DWH ZA  3  5353
do you think you are u fit for this job HLL  6  4995
why you have choosen finance as your specialization Dynamix Group  2  944
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