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Nagarro Interview Questions by Category

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1.)how to find d most repeated word in a string? string ="how do you do"?? output should be do Aas  1  2314
What is the best testing tool to test an desktop application(extJS app)?    1  2138
What is the difference between Procedure and Function Accenture TCS  4  2965
There is a array of 99 cells and we have to enter 1-100 elements in it , no two elements would repeat , so the is one no. missing because 99 cells and 1-100 nos. so we had to implement a function to find that missing no.    2  2803
A string of charaters were given. Find the highest occurance of a character and display that character. eg.: INPUT: AEGBCNAVNEETGUPTAEDAGPE NAGARRO Naggaro Naggaro  7  6224
Where now stands that small knot of villages known as the Endians, a mighty forest once stood. Indeed, legand has it that you could have stoodon the edge of the wood and seen it stretch out for miles, were it not for the trees getting in the way. In one section of the forest, the trees stood in a row and were of hight from 1 to n, each hight occurring once and once only. A tree was only visible if there were no higher trees before it in the row. For example, if the heights were 324165, the only visible trees would have been those of height 3,4 & 6. Write a Program that takes an array of integers representing the heights of the trees in the row as input and prints the list of the visible trees. Abc Nagarro  2  3556
Wrie a function which returns the most frequent number in a list of integers. Handle the case of more than one number which meets this criterion. public static int[] GetFrequency(int[] list)    3  5620
What is the use of OninitDialog ? Nagarro  11  11909
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