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 Manhattan aptitude test questions  Manhattan Aptitute Test Questions (5)  Manhattan technical test questions  Manhattan Technical Test Questions (3)  Manhattan placement papers  Manhattan Placement Papers (1)  Manhattan interview questions  Manhattan Interview Questions (25)
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at what rate of interest would compound interest on a sum in two years be 20% more than the corresponding simple interest?    2  326
4 persons a, b , c , d have to go to concert which will held in 17 minutes. there is a bridge which only 2 persons at a time can cross. its night and they have only one flashlight with them. Flashlight cannot be thrown. one person should return with the flashlight all 4 person have different speed. a = crosses bridge in 1 min. b = crosses bridge in 2 min. c = crosses bridge in 5 min. d = crosses bridge in 10 min how can they all reach in time.?? Ex- suppose a and d crosses bridge which will take 10 mins and then d returns back with a flashlight which will make 20 mins and mission is failed.    1  811
a family has 4 people. father is 10kgs.mother 10 kgs.daughter 5 kgs,son 5 kgs........the family has to cross a river to reach other side of land ..Assume they should go from A to B....the boat is limited to carry 10 kgs at a will they reach?THERE IS NO SAILOR TO TAKE THEM... Manhattan  2  780
a circle is drawn...roughly in paper...the interviewer asked me to find centre point of circle?the radius,circumference is not known?how to find it? Infosys Hcl Hcl Accenture INFOSYS  19  5545
A_basket_has_six_eggs_in_it_Six_people_come_along_and_each_tak es_an_egg_but_there_is_still_one_egg_left_in_the_basket?how?    2  2310
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