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KPIT Interview Questions by Category

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1.what are the events in TMG..? 2.if i do not write any thing in a REPORT program except TOP OF PAGE and END OF PAGE ,then what will be the output?    2  997
I have Q in APP, scenario: I have a situation where a vendor have two bank accounts. He preferred to make a payment of 1000Rs to one account and 1000 Rs to another account. So how can we configure in APP to make this payment for vendor?    6  765
what is the item category and account assignment category in sap. what is the perfect answer for it.    3  2016
what is difference between capital project and customer project in period-end closing Xyz  2  812
write a sql query following source looking like below column1 column2 101,102,103 abc,def,ghi 1001,1002,1003 a,b,c i want the output column1 column1 101 abc 102 def 103 ghi 1001 a 1002 b 1003 c    1  524
how to activate buying center in oppt doc    1  1101
Can we assign two questionnaire in a campaign? Please give me Solution.    1  828
my source is like this id,name sal 10 abc 1000,10 pqr 2000, 10 xyz 3000 ,10 jkl 4000 and my requirement is like this 10 abc,pqr,xyz,jkl 2000 .... i have try for this by using expression transformatin its ok of the concatenation of second column but the thing is that on third column if u group by using agg t/r the last value will com i.e 4000 but i asked by a interviewer that i dont want the first or last column i want the middle column i.e 2000 .plz reply for the same    2  1195
How to transport from one client data to another in realtime, what is the transaction code for transport, where the maintain table maintenance generator in realtime, Kpit  3  1332
wt is sales process? can u please giv me answer quick?    3  974
New Item is manufactured and we can do internal transaction but this item would be ready for sale from August 1st. where do we update start date for this item to available in Sales order?    3  1407
Can we transfer the nomber ranges in sap sd    3  975
is there any difference in contribution and net profit? if yes what is that?    2  602
When we open the door of refrigerator then we feel hot,why? Powerplant KPIT CUMMINS  3  2681
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