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 CitiGroup aptitude test questions  Iti Aptitute Test Questions (13)  Syntax Softtech technical test questions  Iti Technical Test Questions (14)  MBT interview questions  Iti Interview Questions (94)
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I have uploaded one role(its is derived role) from quality system to development system.After that, i have generated role and tried to move production. while transporting role i am getting below error ' ROLE TYPE IS UNDETERMINED ' can any body please provide the solution? British Council  1  260
why water factor is near about 5.0 in kf titration? Indchemie Health Specialities  3  794
how to deduct tds on pension with examples Calculate The Tds On Seniorcitzen Pension Paid Inr 24900.00 Per Month If The Pension Rs. 285000/- Pa In Case Of Seniorcitizen How Much Tds Will Be Dudected  3  467
In a thermal power plant ID Fans running with full load but boiler load is only 80 % give reason ? Tata Power Definition Octane Number? ESSAR Prumatech Prumatech  7  2129
How many modular bricks are required for 1 cubic meter of brick masonry? Iti Storekeeper  10  2630
how can you stop migration of peoples from state to state? We Can Tring To Provide All Required Facilities To People And Other Oportunites .  5  804
1.Why we use choke?If we use for high starting voltage then different type choke gives different voltage. Is it correct? Choke Is A Current Limiting Device Luminous India  2  534
1) in a ship where do we get the earth is connected to? 2) in a 3 phase supply where does the neutral is connected to in a ship normally? 3) how does we make the best 24v dc wiring for the ship at the bridge panels which mostly work on 24v dc voltage and how do we differentiate its wiring from ac wiring? 4)what is a synchronizer and why do we need it compulsory in a ship? 5) in a blackout condition how does a ship get its back up power? Fm Ethiopian Maritime  5  1608
plants in a food chain are actually the Just Competition Exam  2  863
what is contigent liability GENPACT Contingent Liabilities Also Liability But It's Depending On Future Decision. Contingent Liabilities Also Show In Below Balance Sheet.  5  3555
what's accounts payable Iti Global Infovision Pvt Ltd Genpact Genpact Bpo  5  4191
when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery, how did you go about it? Specify What Post Do You Prefer To Work In This Company In Line With Your Qualification And Work Experience And Why Do You Think You Can Serve Well In Such Position? Why Do You Think You Can Serve Well In Such Position? Describe Your Management Styl  1  1873
What is full form of ELECTRICAL? So Many SNITI Dp World Electrical Full Form FULL FORM OF E.L.E.C.T.R.I.C.I.A.N What Is Full Form Of TDS  2  4300
what is the formula to find resistance if the terms density,reluctance,sensitivity,voltage,current are given COGNIZENT Tcs Cts Solaritis  2  1541
Is it possible to have Virtual Constructor? If yes, how? If not, Why not possible? S.bcoz Constructor Initiling Data Tcs  2  1746
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