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Company >> Infosys >> Interview Questions >> Oracle General Interview Questions
Infosys Interview Questions by Category

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how to get required data from oracle source is like this ram_05_seetha lax_05_viswa bamr05frummy run_01_away sw_sas_trim i want my target data like ram_05_seetha lax_05_viswa to get data using %_05_% but it will give ram_05_seetha lax_05_viswa bamr05frummy how can i get my target data?    1  387
Q) How to Find Max Date from each Group? (Asked in Infosys (INFI)Interview)    4  1457
What query tells you how much space a tablespace named test is taking up, and how much space is remaining?    0  229
which language is used to develop the oracle........? Infosis  4  3831
how to retrieve daily sal from emp table in oracle 10g Infosys  2  1203
structural difference between bitmap and btree index ?    1  5084
How can we manage the gap in a primary key column created by a sequence? Ex:a company has empno as primary key generated by a sequence and some employees leaves in between.What is the best way to manage this gap?    2  2257
what is the difference between primary key & foreign key? What Do You Mean By Constraint? I Have Some Doughts Advantage And Disadvantages Ofphysical And Funtions Buses ? CTS CTS WIPRO Infosys Lamulti Infosystems Ltd...every Move Counts Wipro  57  75331
what is unique key? Wipro Infosys Amazon  14  7869
what is difference between foreign key and reference key Infosys  3  14913
What are Clusters ?    4  2269
How to create DSN..Explain? Infosys  2  8751
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