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in which state does bay of bengal exist Ibm  2  1397
what is the next number in the series 3,26,15,124, NecHCL NecHCL Ibm  7  3574
There are numbers from 1 to n, which are inverted such that it results in numbers from n to 1. If only two consecutive numbers are stampled at a time and are inverted, how many moves are required? Ibm  1  431
Company A taken a truck on rent of $1280 per month another company B bought the truck in $40000 and send $120 per month. After 4 years what will be the difference in the amount spent by the both companies on the TRUCK. Navatha Ibm  4  2750
the bucket size is takes 0.0001 KB/milisec to fill bucket.the bucket takes 100 or 1000 milisec to reach to takes 100 milisec to pass acknowledgement from dest to calculate how much time will it take to pass N KB ,write formula.    2  1812
6. The values of shares (in Rs).of A, B and C from January to June are as follows. Month A B C January 30 60 80 February 35 65 85 March 45 75 65 April 40 75 82 May 55 75 85 June 50 75 80 i) During this period which share has undergone maximium fluctuation? ii) In which month it is possible to buy B and C selling A? iii) In which month the share values are very low? iv) By purchasing one share of A and 4 each of B and C in the beginning of the period, when should these be sold to get maximum profit?    1  2006
10.If 100 ! = 100 x 99 x 98 x x 2 x 1, the maximum power of 20 which will divide 100 ! is 1] 21 2] 22 3] 23 4] 24 Plz Explain Ibm Ibm Hewitt Hewitt Hewitt  3  4227
4 thieves rob a bakery of the breadone after the other.each thief takes half of what is present ,& half a bread...if at the end 3 bread remains,what is the no of bread that was present initially? L  16  4303
If x + 8y = 20 and x = -3y, then y = Ibm  9  1878
i come once in a day,twice in a hour,thrice in a minute.who am i? Ibm  16  6398
What is the nature of bank account: a) nominal b) real c) personal    21  6864
how to make 31 from five 3s Infosys Hp No Company Ik Teehee Is My Name Inc Fat Bubaloo Of America Corp  21  6961
a boat travels upstream 20km in 6 hrs and 18 km downstream in 4hrs find the speed of boat in still water a.1/2kmph b. 7/12kmph c.5kmph d.none of these IBM  3  1874
1.) The HCF of (n + 3) and (7n + 48) is k, where n is a natural number. How many values of k are possible    2  1880
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