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Honeywell Interview Questions by Category

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1. what is a single procedure? 2. suppose a view constructed on a query... after that in the master table a column was dropped, then what will be the status of that view? will it be invalid or something else? 3. what is mutating table error? how can you solve that problem? 4. suppose "select * from emp where empno=7788;" is running slow because of what ever the cause it is.. how can you fix it and make the execution faster? 5. will the snapshot of data will be stored in the RAM , where will ir be stored exactly. 6. how to delete 100 tables or 100000 tables' data from the schema without writing delete statement for no.of times. write an sql statement to do that job. 7. suppose a package contains so many cursors, procedures and all.. and we are using such types of procedures so many in a program. so the execution is to be stored all those packages and all to the RAM. utimately it is using many resources for each time execution. how can you reduce the time and using of resources for each execution because the query need to be run many times. how can you tune that? 8. suppose a procudere is there with specs as (a,b,c,d), all of these are IN mode only then while calling them should we pass all the 4 arguments? how to pass (b,c) only.. how ever the specs are wrote in the same order displayed in the above? 9. a function is returning a table type, how to access that function in a select statement? 10. i have a table in database A and another table in database B, how can you access the data of these two tables? write a query for that with dblinks. 11. i have two tables might have 15/20 columns in that.. i wanna send these columns(table) to the front end application for example you are using by writing a procedure. write that to perform the above job. 12. shall we create a table in the package? 13. shall we create a table in the procedure? 14. suppose i have 10 records, in that i want to select 7th record. write a query for that. cant you use rownum for this? 15. suppose my procedure has got around 20 select statements, in that some three select statements are running very slow. what will you write to detect which queries are running slowly? 16. what fields you use frequently in plan_table? 17. what is pipeline function? explain me with an example. 18. does a unique column can contain more than one null? 19. how many hints are there provided by oracle?    2  438
1) How do you Destroy a Dialog Box ?    1  551
This question is regarding MC/DC coverage (A and B) or (B and C) or (A and C) ? how many conditions are there in above expression? what are the test cases for statement, decision, condition, MC/DC and multiple condition overage explain in deatil why ?    1  703
What are the different modes of a contollogix family processor? How they work? Siemans  2  865
why farmers are use earthing instead of neutral for their light conec. at it safe    2  783
If the on Of the DO module is off in the System cabinet, then what is the Procedure to check weather the Module is working or not.    2  1011
Why there is a current in neutral line    3  1060
what is the use of terminals in transformer ? Core Company NON  1  940
What Does Capacity Cost Mean? Honeywell  1  1270
How do Foundation Fieldbus works? how the Communication Carries out from Foundation field bus,Field Devices and Controller? Were it's Application in the Field? For Which Signals this is Used? PLease Find this answer for this Question Detaile wise because i want to clear the Concept Regarding Foundation Field Bus,if Possible please attach the link of Document with Contails Diagramatic So that more esier for me.    3  1620
How do you implement a fourth order Butterworth LP filter at 1kHz if sampling frequency is 8 kHz?    1  2547
what is cascade loop and how it work and why it used instead of PID single loop? In cascade, Which loop is faster and slower? Please explain with loop drawing and example...    2  2646
how to increment eacl element in a list ? eg: incrlist {1 2 3} =>2 3 4    6  3153
how to connect qtp to sqlserver?(if any body know about this please send mail to u    2  1152
how can we display records in single datagrid using two datasets in different place? Global Computer  2  1547
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