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HP Interview Questions by Category

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what are the major differences between jdk1.4 and jdk1.5? Tcs Tenthplanet What Are The Major Differences Between Jdk1.4 And Jdk1.5? What Are The Major Differences Between Jdk1.4 And Jdk1.5? Infosys Crimsonlogic Capgemini  2  3938
how jvm allocates memory for stack? Hp  1  657
When you declare a method as abstract method ?    2  2008
suppose we have an interface & that interface contains five methods. if a class implements that interface then we have to bound that to give tha definition of all five methods in that class. If we declare that class as abstract then can we call only two methods to give the deinition of that method & i don't want to give the definition of all the methods? can it possible Wipro  6  2236
what is object type casting? give some example with related? SparkTG Ass  2  2281
how tha garbage collector know that the object will be deleted? on which algorithm the garbage collector works? what is the working principle of garbage collector? How manay types of garbage collectors r there? SparkTG  1  1684
which one is more efficient int x; 1. if(x==null) 2.if(null==x) state which one either 1 or 2? SparkTG  6  2096
What is the difference between the synchronized() & static synchronized()? SparkTG  2  2555
why string is not taking as primitive datatypes but we r taking it as a class? why explain it? SparkTG  2  1583
what is polymorphism with example?types of polymorphism? Sigmasolve  15  41805
what is finalmethod & final variable with example?    6  2387
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