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Company >> HAL >> Interview Questions >> Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
HAL Interview Questions by Category

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What is meant by directional power and reverse power relay ?    1  96
What is dc induction motor ? and how to control its speed ?    1  480
How can we select a capacitor Bank.? i need a standard formula for that.? Ikk Abb Ltd Ace Maha  3  1605
is electrons really flow or they just vibrate at their position? Hal  5  1204
what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation. Enercon  1  1841
Why voltge arev transformed in to 132KV/66/KV/33KV like that    5  1455
In our factory there is one no. of Series trip HT 6KV OCB. 1. Is it possible to measure CT out put current by 440V Clamp meter? The measurement is required for knowing the exact value of current in CT secondary to set up protection for transformers. 2. plase forward the single line diagram of AMF panel?    1  425
Is it required to use 2 nos of body earthings to any machine though if we use TP with E supply is provided to Machine?    2  578
Why Trasformers rated in KVA Oil And Gas I Am A Student Of I Am A In Exam  13  2405
What is the full form of SON-T lamp?    1  2771
If we touch the Capacitor terminals you feel shock after the capacitor was put in operation and not in case of inductor though both are energy storage elements.why?    4  1551
why is the transmission voltage is multiple of 11?    1  853
tell me exact relation b/n voltage and current and which one is depend other    7  1210
In power point wiring,often,we use less size of earth wire compared to phase & neutral wire and we use big size pin in pug top. how is it justified? can we use small size cable for earthing?    3  1866
Please tell me what is the difference between online UPS & OFF line UPS?    2  1474
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