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1) in a ship where do we get the earth is connected to? 2) in a 3 phase supply where does the neutral is connected to in a ship normally? 3) how does we make the best 24v dc wiring for the ship at the bridge panels which mostly work on 24v dc voltage and how do we differentiate its wiring from ac wiring? 4)what is a synchronizer and why do we need it compulsory in a ship? 5) in a blackout condition how does a ship get its back up power? Fm Ethiopian Maritime  5  1608
Can be operate control valve without positioning if yes ? how and why?    3  921
if we let you employ a person under you called a chaser. what do you think his work will be ? Manal Industries Jmt  1  1303
The old welding machines used electromagnetic winding to step up the current for welding rods. What is the new principle inside the welding machines?    2  2220
why dont we use the same pylon to carry 400 kv plus 220kv and 33 kv ? Focus Energy Ltd  2  808
how much of the strength comes from post-production curing Focus Energy  0  419
What is the latest generation of circuit breakers called?    2  969
In which industrial process you will use centrifugal separator Focus Energy  5  4744
Oil melts, grease melts. Is there any other liubrication which is effect at 200 deg c? Focus Energy Ltd.  2  3594
What is the difference between M20 and M25 concrete? FOCUSENERGYLTD Please Give 5 Steps In Simple Road Building?  3  3327
What is the latest generation of circuit breakers called? L Kdc Focus Energy Focus Energy Ltd  2  2268
1 hp single phase motor is more likely to get hot thsn inone hp 3 phase motor its true or false? If true why? Focus Energy Focus Energy Ltd. In Case You Do Not Have Coal And Salt For Earthing, How Can You Achieve Good Temporary Earthing?  2  1696
How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry? Focus Energy Focus Energy FOCUS ENERGY Focus How Much Current Can A 3-1/2 Core 100 Mm Wire Carry?  3  4802
What is a soft start?    1  466
Why all voltage level are multiples of 11, like 220V, 440V, 1100V instead of 200V, 400V, 1000V?    1  752
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