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FT Interview Questions by Category

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hi.... plz tell me what all kinds of documents/reports are required for manual testing of a simple website(simple static pages). in a organization. Iprosolutions Tdfth Hcl  2  1095
how many types of admixters are used for C.C. Road works Cads Software I Pvt Ltd Psk  1  452
hai iam naresh iam facing problem in interview, tell me about your self. how to answer this question. BPO Company And Another Software Companys BPO Company And Another Software Companys Ibm Tbss Genpact Unforgatable Movement  6  2998
draw the sfd and bmd of catilever beam subjected to point load and udl. plot graphically the difference in deflection pattern of simply supported and cantilever beam subjected to point load. Microsoft  2  1796
What are the compilers of JAVA and .NET Programming languages? Micro Soft NA  1  428
what is the proportion of M25 geade cincrete.? Adani Who Much For 2000sft M20 Divided Sand, Cement ,20mm Metal Who Much For 2000sft M20 Divided Sand, Cement ,20mm Metal  14  3326
What is the difference between Temporary table variable and a Table variable? Or Which Table variable I should use inside Stored procedure? Microsoft  3  1853
What is the depth&width of distribution? Software Ceasfire Industry Limited Klnkb  2  1567
Input: enter the value:1234 output: 1 2 3 4 write a program to get above output..... Software Company IBM  3  1584
why we use 110vac in overhead crains? why not 220v, 24v Soft  3  789
what is main diffrence b/w refresh ,clear and free? with example? Miraclesoftsystems  3  1101
i have job card like this //job ***** //step1 exec pgm=iebgener //sysut1 dd dsn=main.sss,disp=shr // dd dsn=main1.sss,disp=shr // dd dsn=main2.sss,disp=shr //sysut2 dd dsn=out1.mmm ,disp=(new,catlg,delete) dcb=( ) // sysin dd * like this what i have to do to skip dsn=main1.sss please giveme answer asap Tetrasoft  2  1098
What are your source in project and how you import in informatica? How can i explain abt this? Unisoft  1  1286
From where you extract the data, how you did it into informatica? explain.... Unisoft  1  1009
Hi friends This is Ramesh. I have a doubt in item categories. That is what is the use of Usage in item categories and also higher level item categories. Pls explain with examples in detail. Thank u. Regards, Ramesh.j Unisoft  1  849
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