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Emphasis Interview Questions by Category

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take any 4 input numbers. like 2345.. wanted out put is All 16 combinations of the number 2345.. for example- taking input as 4565 output- 5654 4556 4655..    1  436
you create a PO, for 100 qty and enter the goods receipt for 100 qty but u will do the LIv for 80 qty is it possible? if possible how it is. Yes Possible , In Migo There Item Overview There Is Abutton That Is Distribute Qty , Select This Button Then Its Possible  2  485
What is the method of seperating unique and duplicate records in session level? Jbl Wipro  2  2256
what is the necessity to use update strategy?(except for updates)    2  861
there is a mapping with expression and mapping we create some condition for insert and update and followed by update startegy ,can we update and insert on a single target based on condition?    1  759
what is curr val use for in sequence generator?    2  1348
2,if we have 3 pipeline containing 3 targets and each target is connected with diff sequence generator ,let us assume first target is populated with seq no1-9,so what would be the number generated by other two sequence generator?what is the diff in o/p if when we use reusable sequence generator?what would be the diff if we place expression in between target and sequence generator?    2  908
,if we have single SQ in flow and we have router in which it has two group and we want to join these two groups with joiner ?is it possible?    3  1076
Is java pure object oriented or not? if yes, give the valid reason. Wipro Emphasis Syntel Syntel  12  2958
i have n number of records in my source, i want first and last record to my target. how can u implement this scenario .    6  1532
How to make hilight the whole row by using ALERTS asof revenue is more than xxxxx?    1  1041
What is limitation of v shaped model    2  2370
What is non static block in java Emphasis  10  5677
can u give me some frequently asked questions    3  1866
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