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 HCL technical test questions  EIT Technical Test Questions (2)  Four soft interview questions  EIT Interview Questions (6)
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Is there’s power on the bus (if so, state whether on the signal bus, or on a separate in the following: a) HART b) Profibus DP c) Profibus PA d) DeviceNet e) Foundation Fieldbus    1  525
What are the maximum packet size of: a) HART b) Profibus DP c)Profibus PA d) DeviceNet e) Foundation Fieldbus    0  634
Profibus DP is a multi-master system. Would it work on RS-485 4W or not, and justify your answer    1  548
You are looking at the RS-485-side of an RS-232/RS-485 converter and the power supply voltage for the converter is +5V. Under idle conditions (no transmission), and assuming you have enabled the RS-485 output: what would you expect at: (a) Output A measured against output B (b) Output A measured against ground (c) Output B measured against ground    1  266
what is DOUBLE TAXATION Moveit Infra Services  2  691
what is the cmd to display the last exit status in UNIX? MEIT  5  3773
What is the entry for forfeiture of shares? Share Calls In Arrear 200 Share But Forfeiture 100 Share @ Rs 9 Eatch So What Is Journal Entry Of 3 Part .... Share Calls In Arrear 200 Share But Forfeiture 100 Share @ Rs 9 Eatch So What Is Journal Entry Of 3 Part ....  6  5490
when company issue c form to the seller it has to issue full amount of purchases or it has to deduct the 2% of cst amt Ex; purchase for rs.10000/- which includes 40 cst we have to issue c form for rs.9960 or we have to issue for rs.10000/- which one is correct Wipro Mobis India Limited Mobis India Limited In Case Of Goods Return What Amount Of C Form Issued Either Gross Amount Or Net Of Goods Return Libratherm Instruments P Ltd  18  15933
void main() { for(int i=0;i<5;i++); printf("%d",i); } What is the output?.. Kjsieit Clg Exam...... Igate Smart Data M.c.a Exam Cts  28  9312
what is execute scalar? Dohatec New Media Makeeit Solutions Atharva Infotech  11  8832
What is meant by Repository? Alfineit Solutions  7  3951
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