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Cisco Interview Questions by Category

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How to create a Left Outer Join in FM? Please explain.    2  1155
How to get the next ip for given ip ex: -> ex: -> Hcl  4  2788
What are all the points to be checked for a newly re-winded motor before installation    1  531
How to Create NIS Server And NIS Client? Explain With Example?    1  1480
How TCL works    1  2394
what is test harness and testability?    1  1186
Where will be the actual address of the subroutine is placed for vectored interrupts?    1  1221
How many types of thread in java? give the name Cisco  12  5563
what is the difference between DNS & WINS servers Cisco  4  3044
srry for inconvnce is complete qs...ignore the previous 1 3 router configured with RIP & Ripv2 rotuer 1- connected with router 2 having sr ip routing : ripv2 E0: router 2: connected with router 1 and router 3 having sr 0 ip & sr 1 ip routing :rip & ripv2 E0= router 3: connected with router 2 having sr ip routing: rip E0= is there communication possible?    5  1233
how to delete duplicate rows in sql server2005 Cisco Cts HCL  7  3609
Completely describe the steps based on OSI Model, what happens when you enter the address in browser?? Summarize the complete steps based on layered OSI approach. Intel Tcs Cisco  3  7514
Difference between subnetting & Vlan?? Tcp  7  3823
what is the difference between as and area    7  2554
Why -48V dc power supply using in telecom field? Apc Cisco  7  3709
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