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Cap Gemini Interview Questions by Category

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Following questions were asked in Capegemini on 8th sep,2012 mainframe test 1.)Condition code for dul recors in VSAM- 2.) Is NULL or =NULL in Select statement 3.)max size of CI 4.)What happens after CI is full 5.)Ques on COND parameter 6.)which among following can not be rolled back a)delete table b.)droptable c)Update d.)insert 7.)groupby and orderby sql querries 8.)Max extents in VSAM file 9.)quesn on DPRTY=(1,10) 10.)range of condition codes in COBOL 11.)occurs clase can not be used at which level? 12.)delimiter in jcl 13.)sort card for file in PGM=SORT 14.)PIC(6) value 120056 possible? 15)question on BLKSIZE Is (20,20) and (20,10) possible? 16.)number of bytes in RDF 17.)Can we use index in WS-section or LK-section 18.)Verify command in IDCAMS used for? 19.)question on Alternate Index 20.)Return code of file attribute mismatch 21.)In which format COBOL variables stored? 22.)what is Alternate of HANDLE? 23.)can SUM,AVG,MIN,ROUND used in numeric and char variable data types? 24.)What is the datatype of FILE STATUS codes in WS-section?    1  1525
i have a file which contains records like 10,30,90,50,20,40,80,60,70 i want to display these records in reverse order like 70,60,80,40,20,50,90,30,10 please give me the cobol code (do not sort the records) Mindtree  3  2746
How many types of sorts are there in cobol?    2  1991
1)what is use of linkage section? 2)what is difference between comp and comp-3    1  964
How do define Dymanic array in cobol how do u define single demensional arry and multidymensional arry in ur cobol.    4  1297
if a pic 9(3) value 354,b pic x(2) value '46' then a)a>b 2)a<b 3)error    8  1132
What are the situations u have used in ur project for Subcript and Index ? 1.if u use Subscript why not Index,why u choose Subscript only? 2.if u use Index why not Subscript,what abt Displacement?    2  1293
We know that size of redefine and redefining need not to be same..Then does the below case true 01 ws-date pic 9(6). 01 ws-redf-date REDEFINES ws-date 05 ws-year pic 9(4) 05 ws-mon pic 9(2) 05 ws-day pic 9(2) Kk Kk  1  932
S9(5)V9(2) occupies how many bytes memory ?    5  3419
what is the coding difference between COBOL and CICS.    8  2593
diffrence between z(2) and z9(2)    4  3548
What R 2 of the common forms of the EVALUATE STATEMENT ?    1  2711
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