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 Cse aptitude test questions  CSE Aptitute Test Questions (2)  CSE technical test questions  CSE Technical Test Questions (3)  CSE interview questions  CSE Interview Questions (9)
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what is version management in sap abap.Do we have this concept in scripts also?if at all then how do you handle in scripts and what's its usage Satyam  2  1996
I am having an internal table with field name 'type' which consists of values 'a' 'b' 'c' 'a' 'a'.Now i used 'at new fieldname' control statement on this field so what could be the output    2  728
Which of the following statements are true about constructors and methods? 1)A constructor has it's own name, a return type and is invoked using the new operator. 2)A function has it's own name, a return type and is invoked using the dot operator. 3)A constructor has the name of the class, no return type and is invoked using the new operator. Cse  4  2475
what was the role of Lord Canning in the revolution of 1857. What Is Skill  1  1104
How to write gui test cases ? plz gve me some sugessition about gui test cases along with examples plz plz any one plz Cse TCS  3  2154
When we use 4 special periods? Please calrify with example.    2  1220
Name three (3) equity security types Shore Infotech Shore Infotech Pvt Ltd Shore Info Tech Shore Infotech Shore Info Tech Shore Infotech Facset  6  4414
why impedance test in power cables?    1  361
what is the basic concept of mainframe? what knowledge is needed for learn this mainframe? Cse Cse In Tcs Wipro Tcs  4  6264
what is mainframe? what is the mainframe software ? what is use in s/w field?    7  2571
In real time scenario where can we use mapping parameters and variables? Cse  4  16917
how do u know that the test case is complete(assume we have a testbox how do u know that all the test cases are covered for this text box)    9  3211
how do u import all ur test case written in excel sheet to test director?    1  2085
i finished my mba in 2004 on, i would like to join sap sd module . please give me suggetions about this.    3  1445
What is a mission critical system?    0  351
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