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Bhel Interview Questions by Category

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why seal air fan is used and where it is used and where is suction taken from Eto  4  971
why do we prefer alternating current in india where as in USA prefers DC? Bhel Texmo Bhel  2  1136
Generally we denote power in 'p',voltage in 'v'but why can't we denote current in 'c' instead of I.    2  1085
why is electricity produced and distributed in multiples of 11. 440V, 11KV, 22KV, 132KV etc    2  934
Why the colour of insulator is always is chocolate in colour? Bhel  1  1715
why we calculate only 11kv 33kv and 132kv ... why not 10kv 20kv 45kv? ISMT ISMT Bhel  3  1114
how to calculate the current carrying capacity of cable With The Help Of Clampmeter We Can Measure The Current In The Cable  2  730
what is RTD? what is THERMOCOUPLE? What is difference between it?    2  354
whether choke act as a voltage regulator in tubelight or not?    1  405
what is body effect? BHEL Bhel  1  594
why we use tapechanger in primary side of transformer Qrtqreg  5  1156
Why we use startor to the motor? Bhel  5  860
What happened when the field winding of dc series motor is open?    2  369
how much earthings are mendatory at a 25kva sub station? Bhel  3  888
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