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Accenture Interview Questions by Category

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When do you say that a digraph is acyclic A)if and only if its first search does not have back arcs B)a digraph is acyclic if and only if its first search does not have back vertices C)if and only if its first search does not have same dfnumber D)None of these IBM Accenture  1  705
What is the function of ceil(X) defined in math.h do? A)It returns the value rounded down to the next lower integer B)it returns the value rounded up to the next higher integer C)the Next Higher Value D)the next lower value Wipro Accenture  3  2261
a.One Cannot Take the address of a Bit Field b.bit fields cannot be arrayed c.Bit-Fields are machine Dependant d.Bit-fields cannot be declared as static Which of the Following Statements are true w.r.t Bit-Fields A)a,b&c B)Only a & b C)Only c D)All  3  2689
Can we do qtp testing without creating objects in Dbject repository? can we do it completely writing code i.e in expert view only. Are there any books for this?    7  4949
What is a scenario?    3  2294
how do u achieve multilevel inheritance in .NET ? Accenture Steel Wedge  9  8626
If second no is twice the first no and first no is thrice the third no.Their avg is 20.Find the greatest no? Satyam Tcs Accenture Hcl  12  6714
What is the difference between income year, financial year and FBT year? Zenpact Capital Iq In College  7  7137
How to use SEQUENCE as the Target of a BRANCH? Pappu  2  5418
What is the filename which you need to configure in UNIX while installing infromatica?    2  5509
What are the types of lookup caches? Accenture  9  20915
Explain grouped cross tab?    1  5264
If u press a push button in an application the winrunner generates tsl statement like button_press(..) i.e the class name of the object and the event on that object but Why if u click a static text in an application the winrunner generates tsl statemen like win_mouse_click rather than the statement with combination of classname and event..??    2  1867
Can you create an extension table with an intersection table? Ibm  1  3134
what is the difference between pre UAT testing and UAT testing Accenture  7  9910
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