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Company >> Accenture >> Interview Questions >> SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
Accenture Interview Questions by Category

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wirte a query to filter improper date format follwing table? date 20-apr 22-may-2010 26-jun-2010 feb-2009 i want the output date 22-may-2010 26-jun-2010    5  1824
What is different between union and minus? Accenture  6  4149
SQL Tuning, Oracle Server 10g: Why is the following hint invalid? SELECT /*+ first_rows parallel(table_name,paral_number)*/    1  1933
hi..........i m Accenture employee...Accenture is an IT company having itz branches in India at Mumbai, Pune,Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore....Presently there are openings here for SAP, Testing, Oracle,Java,.NET,MAinframe and Peoplesoft...... I am a software engineer working with Accenture,Mumbai....u can mail me in your resume..i`ll forward it to our HR mail id: Hi This Is Shrilata , I Faced Interview In Accenture .... I Got My Offer Latter I Got An Emial Stating That My Old Compnay Is A Block Listed Company. And I Was Not Aware Of That . Now I Resigned My Current Company Wipro. I Don't Have Any Other Offer  6  16075
When we give SELECT * FROM EMP; How does oracle respond? Hcl  24  14051
Give an example of any procedure. Accenture Wipro Wipro  5  5129
what is purge command explain about oracle performance tuning E-centrics  2  9547
will function return more than one value how    7  6367
When we can declare a column as Unique and Not Null both at the same time. What is the use pf Primary Key then? Unisoft  2  4823
What is a trigger ? Accenture  10  4429
What is a constraint. Types of constraints ? Accenture Accenture  5  11207
What is an index and types of indexes. How many number of indexes can be used per table ? Accenture Symphony How May Types Of Index And What Are These?  10  39685
Write a query to get 2nd maximum salary in an employee table ? Birla Soft Accenture Logica CMG Rheal Software Saagam Symanticspace Letse Tailor Solution, Ahmedabad Tiny ERP Qwest No Where Many  62  41267
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