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ADP Interview Questions by Category

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Define Foreign Key? A FOREIGN KEY In One Table Points To A PRIMARY KEY In Another Table. My Company  2  619
What is Index ? Explain its Types? Returns A Row Of Information For Each Table Used In The SELECT Statement. The Tables Are Listed In The Output In The Order That MySQL Would Read Them While Processing The Query. MySQL Resolves All Joins Using A Nested-loop Join Method. This Means Th  1  214
Explain SELF JOIN ?    1  153
How to get number of days in a given year?    1  314
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SQL SERVER 2005 and 2008    1  284
Differencr Between DELETE and TRUNCATE?    2  382
How to get number of days in a given year?    1  272
what is Equity join?    1  335
what do u mean by java bean??    1  837
8. why the debit balane of p&l a/c shows in asset side of balancesheet ADP Sed  2  1094
How to retrieve alpha bate from the alphanumeric string with special character. ADP  4  1395
If there is no row in Emp table with Ename as Raghava and you run the below queries in SPUFI. Ename from EMP wher Ename = 'raghava' 2.Select count(*) from EMP where Ename = 'raghava' What is SQLCODE shown up in SPUFI    4  1254
what is prime cost &overhead cost    1  435
what are the techniques used for writing functional test case ?    1  957
What is the difference between ECC security and RAR security when GRC (RAR<SPM<CUP) is used, when similar functionality can be performed SAP R3 level(ECC)? Baidu Wise  2  1370
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