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can any one send me previous ntpc exam papers at


You are entered a credit memo posting to vendor who is linked to a customer on 1st of May 2003 for your company code but you have not specifically entered the same data in customer till now. You have lots of entries appearing in the vendor and customer account prior to that date of May 2003 also. You are making a manual payment to the vendor ? select out of the following which statements are correct. a. Credit memo document will get the special payment term as per vendor master definition. b. Customer items will not be shown while paying the vendor as customer is not linked. c. Customer items will be shown only postings after the date 1st May 2003. d. All items of customer and vendor will be available for payment provided payment is same from 1st May 2003. e. All items of customer and vendor will be available for payment provided Special GL items are also selected in selection screen irrespective of the activation date


Hello.. i have a question. which signature digital or signature logo we use in smartforms & scripts...? if we use digital sign what are those steps to use it...?


In which condition Both the acts are covered i.e ESIC and WC Act?


anybody having Qatar Petroleum questions for instrument Technician offshore ....please send me


what are the pecularity of shaver sockets ?


roll of DLC in road constructions


Describe yourself briefly why you are outstanding for this post "Finance Coordinator"?


abbreviation for CHAT?


what is punch line of SATH?


What is the need of tabindex property is label control.


what is doubling factor in making current of a breaker?


Draw a SLD of HT distribution EB grid up to users Transformer?


How to run the daily background job s for virsa violations ? thabks in advance


hai everybody... wish u all the best for those who got selected in sbi associate bank is anyone from coimbatore region attending on 27th may 2009.