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Qiscet Interview Questions
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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours

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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours

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What is meant by spooling

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what is the name os the first os and tell me the year when it was discovered

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please send me minimum 15 library functions in c

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Un-Answered Questions

what made you take up present subject/area of specialization and what would you define as your career objectives


what are the advantages and disadvantages of extended vlan (range 1006-4094)?


Can any body send me Some Interview Questions of ASP.Net 2.0 or Later to my mail id that is


can we find the inductance of a induction motor?


Iam appearing for rrb exam for juniour electronics engineer post what kind of questions would be asked?i am an electronics engineer and have completed diploma in electronics please suggest some study material or links or books


Client is able to provide budget..he want you to choose the automation tool for the web application? which one you will select ? QTP or Selenium ? what are the reasons?


what is doid


What are Conditional expressions in AWK?


how to test a store procedure?


what is web service in java? have u use before.


legal accounting methods to reduce profit of a partnership firm so as to reduce the tax liability?


what are social responsibilities of a company.


the cost of preparing a food plate is rupees 50. the wastage from preparing it is 10%. the average price of a food plate is rupees 100. the fixed cost is 1,60,000. what is the minimum number of food plates should be prepared to break even?


What is the use of parameters collection?


How to make control on vendor master data (bank account ) . We can validate the changes with transactions FK08 & FK09 in functional menu , but I need the path on Spro guide to customize the changes (bank accounts )


Qiscet Interview Questions
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