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how will you login one server's shell prompt to an another server? Perot-Systems   5  2407
how will you convert a general file to a hidden file?  4  3626
hi i have directories within the directory. Now i want to copy the directory along with all directories included in it to one location by using copy command? what is the command Span-Systems   2  2749
What is the different between UNIX command and UNIX shell script?  2  1829
to list a particular line in the file  4  2027
what is the cmd to display the last exit status in UNIX? Syntel   5  3763
what is the cmd to remove the comment lines from a file and to display the original text without comments? thanks in advance......  5  3171
What is an Unix command to convert HEX value to ASCII value located in any flat file.  2  3211
How can i know my Filesystem and its current usage in my prod UNIX system? HCL   4  4057
I am new to Unix and Unix Shell scripting could you guide me on how to go about these subjects and where to start from with concern to Oracle?. I also would like to know where does UNIX shell Scripting help in terms of development of a application in Oracle? I have no clue in the subject so do help me. Thank You Neelima  0  348
Interviewer: Lets say there is a partition of 100GB. When i tried to create a file using touch command, under any directory, it was unable to create the file- '100% full disk space'. I calculated the size of each and every directory on that partition mannually by adding each file size & in came out to be total size 50GB. Then where is the remaining 50GB ? why it is showing disk space 100% full in 'df -h' command? Infosys   2  2459
A file has 1000 lines and i want to display only 1st line how to do it? pls me CTS  7  3672
What is the difference between pipe and xargs? Amazon   2  3131
How to find the files that are accessed before 10 minutes? Amazon   4  4031
By using which command we can find the CPU utilization time? Amazon  7  4371
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Un-Answered Questions
 Question Views Asked at   Select
What is Inode. 6 HCL
What is Fork swap? 769 Infosys
why metadb requires a seperate slice to create Solaris volume manager 497 Wipro
what is difference between milestone and run-levels in Solaris ? 520  
What are the events done by the Kernel after a process is being swapped out from the main memory? 381  
why unix commands simpler rather than complex task 1278 CGI
how to kernel protected memory? 288  
i m putting 2.6yrs fake exp in oracle/unix production support i want to know some real time issues,like tell me the challenging issue u ever faced? my project is credit card application plz help me! 1365 Sapient
In detail elaborate the system? What is driver? 343 BMC
hw will u use awk in replacing cahrs and files 895  
Explain how and when a DNS request is solved when a user tries to surf to the site .Assume the user machine uses a local name server and sits on another network other than 607  
I want to invest in learning things that will get me good jobs in future. But wondering if Unix knowledge is something that is a MUST have or is it better to do any Data-warehouse tool (cognos, Qclik view, ETL etc..). Please suggest me. 279  
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