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what is bug description document?how to prepare it? cts  0  3
write a text script to display * as below ********** **** **** *** *** ** ** * * * * ** ** *** *** **** **** **********  0  3
What are the Diff B/W Cursor and REF Cursor CTS  1  4
Name Salary Abc 50000 Abc 50000 xyz 20000 find the max salary using aggregate function? CTS  1  4
How to write a program to receive an integer & find its octal equivalent by using for loop? google  0  5
How you identified whether this order is make to order or maket to stock in Order Level ? Tieto-Software-Technologies  0  5
why consolidation and custom group not used in ic cubes. and then i will over come by derived element.. what my question is ...even (consolidation and custom group) also derived element,why we are not used. Can any body give the assistant for this issues... Regards, sekhar Cognizent  0  4
What would be the test approach for testing an e-commerce website which is coming to us from the vendor for maintenance. What will be the test approach fro the same when we do no have artifacts, test cases, test plan etc. HCL   0  7
How to find out the closest prime number of an input number? I believe it has something to do with SEARCH and COBOL Linear Array. Infosys  0  6
which the best institute in india to get trained on telecom protocol testing? am a e.c.e fresher  0  6
Hi I want to join SAP FICO module. Can anybody help me which institute and the faculty are best !  0  8
May i know the exact difference between Sub Ledger and General Ledger  0  8
Hi i want know mean and difference b/w render variable,conditional block and style variable please reply about them please be kind towards me  0  24
HI, pls help me on this, iam not able to capture getcelldata value in javatable... msgbox javawindow("").javatable("").getcelldata(3,3) but it diaplays empty...  0  22
I want to export the datasheet to excel.Instead of total file it exports only data without headers.How to solve this problem? FAI  0  22
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Un-Answered Questions
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when will triggars the at new event in abap and web dybn pro? 160 TCS
What are advantages of using Java?s layout managers than windowing systems? 433  
Can any body tell me,What is the universe testing ? What is the report testing Explain? 192  
nw i'm doing MBA system and planning to do oracle,database management.tell me that whether it is useful r not?.refer any course for my carrier pls 323  
What is the diff between the following Report output-- HTML O/P, PDF O/P, EXCEL 2000 and EXCEL 2003 of report outputs? Listout main differences? 309 TCS
B -Credit Note report Selection Screen Ranges: Creation date Sales Org Sold to Party Selection condition: Document Category – VBTYP should be ‘O’ Table to be used: VBRK, VBRP,VBPA,ADRC List the CR order types or credit billing type by customer number (or selected customer) and displays the: - Billing Document date (FKDAT) - Customer number (KUNRG) - Name of the reseller (on top of the SAP No) (NAME1) - Billing document number,(VBELN) - order reason (AUGRU_AUFT) - Amount (NETWR) - Currency (WAERK) Group Currency wise, billing type wise sum of Net value. When user double click on field ‘Billing Document #’ , display the document in VF03 Do this using OO ABAP. 381  
How do you download stubs from Remote place? 121  
can we use lexical perameter in oracle plsql if yes how 287  
How would u test and automate an Antivirus application ? 264 CTS
how do u catch bad rows from OCI stage? And what CLI stands for? 336  
Please let me Know regarding any material regarding VB Scripting which should be easily understandable for Beginners. 270  
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