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Client want to create capital goods assets in PO,Witout using Inventory and he wants to transfer to FA module.what is the steps and how to do.pls explain. Oracle  0  7
While doing implementation,Client wants two use 2 Accounting methods for both Sandard Accrual method and Sandard Cash Method.So how we need to map or how need to provide solution. Oracle  0  6
cogs as a cost element and cogs is a not a cost element how the system behaviar  0  10
what is the use of "parameter" tab in creation of user in SU01  0  13
what is the use of S_TABU_DIS  0  13
what is authorization profile?  0  8
Hi experts, Please tell me how Stock transfer Order Process, Third Party process, Individual Purchase Order Process and credit Management goes on before implementation of SAP.Now-a-days most of the companies are asking about the business processes goes on before implementation of sap. Bosch   0  17
there are many test cases in our test case repository like function,integration,system,acceptance test case so which test case should test engineer test first.? please answer me . thanks century  1  76
I have a value prompt in my prompt page.Now if I set the filter to required then I have to select a value from the list and I will get the respective data in the report page.But If I select nothing then I will get the complete data in the report page. I want that if I select nothing from the prompt list then nothing is displayed in my report page. How should I do this? HSBC  1  41
What is the use of Time-dependent-Data in Asset Accounting? TCS  0  32
Hi Team, Please tell me, If i don't declare the cursor in the program and i have given open and fetch and close, then what error will get. IBM  1  48
which is best institute to learn c,c++ in ameerpet hyderabad  0  26
1] Test Management Tool ? 2] What is tracebility Matrix? 3] What is RTM ? 4] What Is Functional testing 5] What is Regration Testing and Sanity Testing 6] Diff in Sanity and Functional Tetsing 7] Integration Tetsing 8] Diff in Primary Key and Unique Key -Should pass primary Key as null 9] What is composit Key 10] Defect Management tool in detail 11] What is Seviarity and Priority 12] Composite Key HCL  0  33
I have 3 browsers i want to give facebook url in 2 nd browser using qtp Tech-Mahindra  2  97
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which background process invoke at the time of upgradation tell me??? 256 iGate
What is the code for 3 questions and answer check in VisualBasic.Net? 190 Infosys
How have you used ActionScript in your Flash development? To what length? 330  
In workflow how can we send a notification to the Supplier giving the Corresponding report Details. 251  
what is bdoc?bdoc types?how to find bdoc error cheak?how to monitoring? how to bp replicate ecc to crm?how to cheak bp replication? what is the diference between inbound vs outbound queues? what is middleware configure settings? what is the delta download,how to process? what is the difference between intialload vs delta download? what is site?site,publication,subscription diferences? what is the difference middleware coakpit vs trace? what is the middleware parameters?how many types and diferences? 1064 Cap-Gemini
What is Cognos script editor? 1240  
How to keep seconds from being included in the display when using TDateTimePicker? 124  
1. Tell me your daily activities 2. If sql server installation fails at time installation what will do 3. Where does the sql server installation log details are stored 4. After the installation what will you do for memory configuration 5. What is the difference between SQL max maximum memory and AWE memory 6. How will you configure AWE memory 7. How will setup an email alert for the backup job 8. After the SQL installation what are the jobs will you configure 9. What does g mean in the sql startup parameter 10. What is the difference between Bulked log and Full recovery model 11. What is the difference between mirroring and log shipping 12. What are the steps to be followed before in-place up gradation 13. After installing the patch the sql server does not start and application team tells to rollback the changes .In this scenario what will you do 552 CSC
what make u disappointmnets in u r career 215 Infosys
what is access key? how it is obtained? i was asked access key while creating data transfer routine 140  
Some operating system have a tree structured file system but limits the depth of the tree to some small number of levels. what effect does this limit have on users? How does this simplify file system (if it does)? 703  
How does Apache compared to other servers? 349  
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