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how to add distinctly var variable values ex.. Data a; input var; datalines; 0 1 2 3 -1 -2 -3 ; run; adding all +ve value in one varibale n do the same for -ve too CTS  0  3
Is it possible to do sorting tranformation in charecter variable??if can tell me one eg..  0  5
What is the order of evaluation of the following operators + - * / ** () ???  0  4
How many ways to overcome a missing values???  0  4
What is the size of PDV? L&T  2  23
I need to find the numeric field which contains blank in between..Ex:123 456...there is blank in between the 123 456..I need to know if there is any SAS function to find a field.. Please suggest... TCS  3  59
what is the difference between DUPKEY and NODUPKEY???  3  42
Hi all, If Anybody has Advance SAS Certification dumps??? Please share with me. Email:  0  19
what is _error_? Cognizent  2  71
Difference Between Scan and Substr  1  58
Which is Best Institute for learning SAS BASE & SAS BI in Hyderabad? Can anyone suggest me ? Acc  0  22
I am preparing SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 in 2014. If anybody has the latest dumps for this exam, please mail me at  0  111
What is highest missing value for numeric?  1  482
what is the difference between x=substr(name,1,2); and substr(name,1,2)='x'; HSBC  3  620
How to find out no. of business days in a month using macros.???(excluding weekends and holidays). HSBC  1  487
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Un-Answered Questions
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How necessary is it to be creative in your work? 284 Oracle
Hi, Does anybody has lastest SAS certification(base, adv., clinical)dumps,if anybody has please email me at Thanks 95 Axis-Bank
Hi Friends, My name is Priya,am new to this Forum. am looking for SAS Platform Administration Interview Questions.I searched every where but I couldn't find any where.please can anyone help me with the FAQ's. It would be a great favor to me if you can email the Interview Questions to 146  
i want for interview question & answer plz it need immediate send t my mail 189 SAS
how to create the AE dataset by using SDTMIG specifications and SAP plan by using UNIX platform? 398  
what is scheduling and how will u implement it. In scheduling 5 jobs r running if there is an error occured at 3rd job and how will u check and waht necessary steps will u take not to repeat the same mistake 175 Blue-Star
what is null hypothesis? why do you consider that? 282 Accenture
AE datasets names? how many types? 426 Accenture
what are all the reports you generated in your recent project? 206 Accenture
Did you used proc test? when? 176 Accenture
Hello, I have PROC SQLs results group by 3 fields and I use SUM and COUNT functions in SQL. The problem is when I try to display my result with PROC TABULATE. I am getting very big numbers. I believe I make a mistake some where in Tabulate. Here is my Proc Tabulate. PROC TABULATE DATA=OUT04_05 FORMAT=12.; CLASS YR CENTRE VISA / PRELOADFMT EXCLUSIVE; VAR NEWUSER FRAUD TRANSFER AUTUSER REISSUE; TABLE CENTRE ALL, (YR ALL)*VISA, (NEWUSER*F=COMMA12. AUTUSER*F=COMMA12. FRAUD*F=COMMA12. TRANSFER*F=COMMA12. REISSUE*F=COMMA12.) / MISSTEXT={LABEL='0'} PRINTMISS RTS=20; FORMAT VISA VISAFMT.; KEYLABEL SUM = ' ' ALL = 'TOTAL'; LABEL YR = 'DATE YEAR' NEWUSER = 'TOTAL NEW ACCT' TRANSFER = 'TOTAL TRANSFER' FRAUD = 'TOTAL FRAUD TRANSFER' AUTUSER = 'TOTAL AUTH USERS' REISSUE = 'TOTAL REISSUE'; When I code it like : NEWUSER*N*F=COMMA12. AUTUSER*N*F=COMMA12. I get same amount numbers but to find a NEWUSER I use COUNT(*) and to find AUTUSER I use SUM(xxxx) function so both result shouldn’t be the same my problem is in this point. Could you tell me where the problem in code is. How can I display my result? TX. 403  
what is intially documentation in sas? 755 Accenture
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