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Why some type of assays having limit 98% to102%? (if any compound having assay limit 100) Reddy-Labs   0  118
What is the difference between the photochemical reaction and photo-dynamic reaction? Astra  0  156
Three products in gaseous form that is obtained in fractional distillation of petroleum.  0  153
i am serching new job please help me IPCA  0  107
What is different between GC& HPLC SYSTEM Bhushan-Power-Steel  2  615
why we need to synthesize impurities of midazolam Lake-Chemicals  0  141
glycol is alcohol  2  388
Assuming that the density of the solution is the same as the density of water (density of water=1.000g/ml), calculate the mass of water for both reactions using: mass of water = Volume of water Density of water. Mass of water =  0  145
What is the difference between method validation and method verification Laurus   1  693
how to find concentration of the any chemical composite in mole  1  295
how to prepare the 0.001M tio2  0  191
The densest liquid is. .(A)kerosene. (B)water. (C)mercury. (D)oil  3  642
Which charcoal is used to decolourise the raw sugar? Maxim-Pharmaceuticals   1  900
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what things are suitable for investigatory project? 770  
what is stero electronic factor.2 what is steric control factor and what is product control factor 158  
In order to avoid the pyridine catalyst use in many synthesis which is harmfull to environment, which catalyst can be used....? 213 Reddy-Labs
why we need to synthesize impurities of midazolam 141 Lake-Chemicals
How would you separate naphthalene and benzoic acid in an ethyl acetate solution? 1036  
How to synthesize methylene bisthiocyanate using CH2Cl2 and NaSCN? 425  
What is a repartition coefficient? 330  
naphtha and hexane mixture can be used a fuel or not 313 Jubilant-Organosys
sir, what does happen ............? naphthal+benzene(or)toluee........> ? 212  
can you pls provide chemistry previous papers for the post of trainee chemist in ap genco 288  
how to prepare for the exam of ongc please give some idea 7250 ONGC
how do you make a amine sugar 308 Reddy-Labs
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