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How to find out the closest prime number of an input number? I believe it has something to do with SEARCH and COBOL Linear Array. Infosys  0  7
In INITIALIZE what is Repalcing Word will do CTS  0  19
How to read data from Nth member of a physical file containing some X number of members in it? "Provided member names are unknown"  3  87
Hi can anybody tell me about Mainframe batch testing and how is it done. I am totally new to mainframe testing. Thanks in Advance. IBM  1  136
If we use the file level keywords like LIFO, FIFO, FCFO in a file, can we see the impact of it by doing the run query of the file? if not how can we see the impact of these keywords.  1  215
Thru web page we have triggered the transaction, how can we come to know that whether it has hit the mianframes or not?  0  63
I have a main program (A) where we delete some rows in table in a cursor, and we commit it in sub program(B). What will happen - will we get an error or not?  0  99
Hi Team, Please tell me, If i don't declare the cursor in the program and i have given open and fetch and close, then what error will get. IBM  2  584
I know chain keyword retreive records randomly but how chain keyword exactly works internally????  2  344
Suppose i have a file with 10 recs and i want to skip only the 7 th record and copy the rest into another file. How do i do it using SORT? Wipro   5  1087
what is decimal data error? when it will come and how to achieve(rectify) this error please give me solution as well as code ibm  0  139
How to declare the dynamic(run time) array in rpgle? can you please give example polaris  2  516
SI Stud name Subject Marks Pass/Fail 1 Sham Maths 40 P 1 Sham Physics 50 P 1 Sham Bio 20 F 2 Ram Maths 40 P 2 Ram Physics 50 P 2 Ram Bio 60 P For the above data , write the SQL query for the student who passed in all the subjects . For eg : I want the data of only Ram coz he passed all subjects . Cognizent  2  320
How to find the length of variable length copybook using fileaid ?? CSC   1  449
In your JCL, run the even numbered steps if date is even and run odd numbered steps if date is odd . Where do you generate the date ??in cobol or JCL ?? CSC  0  122
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Un-Answered Questions
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write a program to eliminate duplicate records in a input file and send them to output file. 463 IBM
what is the responsibility of the construction superintendent 224 Almco
what is s000 u4087 error? please give the all error codes in cobol,jcl. 2044  
Can you use a select query in a loop to fetch multiple rows? If so what is the advantage of using a cursor? 216 UST
i want a program using by if, evaluate , string, unstring, perform, occurs? 783  
how do u conduct impact analysis? 215 Tech-Mahindra
HOw can I get the negative sign while deduct high value from low value 194  
What is diff between vsam and db2?what is advantage of db2 over vsam?which is best suited one? 720 Fidelity
Does Natural online require CICS or other TP systems to function? How does Natural interact with CICS? Thanks. 326  
while i am using the dspmsg command on comman line in Mocha am getting error like Not authorized to message queue message my messagequeue Name? can anybody help me how to change my message queue Am anable to see my messages in message queue 301  
How COBOL helps Mainframe to maintain large records ??? 446 Satyam
My IMS main progam is calling Db2 subroutine ...Its giving - 923 db2 sql could any one tell how to solve this issue. 466  
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