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in rotark mov in display err msg showing how to remove the error  1  3
I want to use 1/2 inch SS316 tube in my high pressure & temperature (64 kg/cm2 & 500 deg C)after condensate pot in pressure tranmistter. 1) Is it possible to use 1/2" ss316 tube in high pressure and temperature line. Tube manufacturer is local vendor. 2)On sarting the plant, We need to do system fluse that time condesate is not in the condesate pot so steam is directly contact with the tube. We have no exact calculation to know our tube is ok or nor at this time. pleae,reply.  1  5
why we are using ungrounded RTD sensor and what is difference between grounded RTD and Ungrounded?  1  23
We do have a problem in the company that is one PT connected to PlC which is mean 1 out of 1 in PLC system we do have the PAHH is 55 mbar and PALL 8 mbar with a timer of 15 sec for the PAHH the problem started when PAHH goes more than the set point which is 55 it reached up to 71 but due to timer doesn't trip . We force it and we checked everything nothing there . We replaced the transmitter problem still there the reading goes more than the 55 bar the range for transmitte is 0- 60 mbar . So we did loop check , aculaizing valve , wiring all are okay . What the possible causes for this ??? National-Petrochemical-Company  0  17
a laways iface problem with brine level transmitter sealing diaphram a laways giving error and maximum reading i made re range and adjust with side glass but during commission it giving gap reading between it and side glass i need help from expert to explain how to calibrate it. note:dp transmitter yokogawa company  1  60
why we should maintain neutral earth voltage below 1V while calibration? why cant it be 1.2V or 2V Hospira  0  59
What is the difference between sdv and bdv ?  1  174
What is the reason PT speed not incresed in gas turbine? ROC  0  83
What s the exact height of installed transmitter?  1  270
What is the difference between Error and Offset.  0  86
How to find out the current of two motors having same power consumption but different RPM?  0  59
what is ABB DCS SYSTEM?  1  393
While giving Power Supply of 24 VDC to a Transmitter,why Shield Terminal is connected either at Transmitter or at ISB.Why not Shield Terminal connected at both ends.If the Reason is to avoid Noise interference,which type of noice that is interfering.Is the Noice from the 24 VDC supply terminals or from any external source.  1  413
how to set calibration range in a DP transmitter to measure level for a closed tank and for an open tank,and also please explain me how to set calibration range for a DP flow transmitter in a line ? CCL-Products  1  469
Pls.could any one Clarify the following with an example. 1.At What condition Close on Rise and Close on Fall Pressure Switch contacts are used. 2.If Pressure is abnormal as per set pressure,if connecting Terminal of pressure switch breaks,how the voltage extends to Relay base. 3.Are these contacts come under fail safe philasaphy.  1  159
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which type of zones used for boiler? & why ? 121  
If i have 4 Allen Bradely make RS logix 5000 PLC and for viewing that we are using 4 RS view SCADA for 4 different packages. Now, I will want to view two packages on only one SCADA. Then how i will do it? 228 Essar
What are different type of instrument cable 183  
how to calibrate electro pneumatic positioner 8013 mil controls ltd ?gsr 661  
Exothermic reaction./ endothermic reaction 77 CCIE
control panel design guidelines 695  
Explain how thw analog to digital converter works with the circuit diagram 312  
what is the vital subject for scoring bhel exam&what is the question pattern 227 Bhel
Thermocouples work as follow: 153  
What are the problems faced while testing HART instruments? 236 SSC
Why do we floating DC in DC system. 496  
What is three element drum level control system why its better than single element? 346  
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