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how to send unique records to one target and duplicate records to another target by using dynamic lookup cache????? please explain me briefly///(when we use this we look up on which target unique target ya duplicate target) tcs  1  74
How to Display top 2 salaries for each department WITHOUT using Rank Transformation And WITHOUT using SQL queries in source qualifier. Eureka-Forbes  1  100
How can we reset Sequence Generator, when we move objects from Dev Environment to QA env? Rolta  1  56
scenario where i can use only concurrent execution of workflow.  0  46
Hi I'm new in Informatica. Can you show me a mapping sample on how to piviot the records? Thanks Robin  1  226
what is the difference between mapplet & stored procedure?  1  109
I have one source table and three target tables. When the session runs for the first time involving the mapping,i want that the loading should take place in 1st Target table only. The 2nd time the same session runs the loading should take place in 2nd Target only only and similarly when the session runs for the 3rd time loading should take place in Third only. And again when the session runs for the 4th time loading should take place in 1st Target table. IBM  0  114
IF Sorce table contains CLOB as its one data type then i get error at the target table. How can this be resolve?  0  79
delete data from staging table as it loads to target is the case we are getting data from 3 different server.a b and c.the data from server A loaded into staging table and we ran the task and data loaded to target today data from server B and C also got loaded to the staging what techniques and what transformations should be used to delete only the data which has been loaded only to the target.we need to delete only that data from staging which has been loaded into the target.looking for your responses motorola  0  83
Hi All, I have three question. 1) How to remove the header and footer in a flat file in informatica? 2)How to load the first and last record of flat file into the target? 3)I have a Input and Output table. Input Name Salaray Month A 100 Jan A 200 Feb A 300 March B 400 April B 500 May B 600 June Output Name Salaray Month A 100 Jan A 300 Feb A 600 March B 400 April B 900 May B 1500 June How to implement and get the ouput as mentioned above. If Possible kindly provide the SQL query also. Kindly any one help to implement this concept. Thanks, Pradeep Inautix   3  424
If i havee 3records in my source having same deptno like Deptid Deptno ------ ------ 101 10 201 10 301 10 and i am using router TR to loading these records into target.Then how many record'll be loaded into target??? WIPRO  5  741
What is different between informatica version 8 and 9 version IBM  0  368
I am having source ENO ENAME LOC 1 A PUNE 2 B MUMBAI 3 C CHENNAI Target ENO ENAME LOC 1 A PUNE 2 B MUMBAI 3 C CHENNAI If a new record coming from source from same location it should directly go to specified location in target at begining EX:if Eno with 4 coming from same Pune, It should directly load into the Pune location col with '|' symbol. Help me its very urgent Zensar   4  684
I have name like INDIA in a column. I want display 1st line A, 2nd line N, 3rd line D, 4th line I, 5th line A in oracle data base? HCL  1  1049
Hi Experts, I have a source table like this. Name Number Raj 2 Ram 1 Sam 2 John 1 In the target I need the ouptput like the below Raj Raj Ram Sam Sam John We dont know the number value . It will be changing as n.. Please help me regarding this. Thanks, Nataraj V NTT-Data  2  591
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how to load the data in fact table.. using look up transformation how to view the second record. usally look up shows matching record for only one value. if i have same value its not displaying. ex: problem i faced. i have total, student no and name in table student i used aggregation transformation to display max(total). i have two same max values in total. when i look up the student name and no for this max(total), its showing only one name and no, its leaving the second one. how to rectify it. plz tel me step by step or clearly. 264  
What is the role of informatica in project ?Like i showed financial projects? 158 AMDOC
what is index?how it can work in informatica 177  
my source is junk data how will u remove that junk data by using unix please any one replay me 689 Cap-Gemini
What are the tuning techniques you applied during your last project 120  
Hi, There is a session in my workflow which is running for a long time, atlast we found the cause is the missing index. My session is running via a stored procedure. Can I create an Index on the table which the stored procedure is using while my session is running? Please suggest. My Informatica version is PC 8.0.6 My Oracle APPS is 11.5.3. Thanks, 716 HCL
expain about the tune parameters? 179 TCS
in staging we are merging the data and remove the inconsistants data that type of situation what u will done and type of functions u can use 145 TCS
what kind of issue you will get in environment? (we ll call help desk to raise ticket rite? 76 TCS
Which one is better performance wise connected/un-connected lkp?why? 1444 TCS
My source is delimited flat file Flat file data is H|Date D1|ravi|bangalore D2|raju|pune T|4 The data will be send to target if the fallowing two conditions satisfied 1.The first row Date column is equal to SYSDATE 2.Last record second port equal to number of records. How to achieve? 1001 Sapient
how to load dimension table and fact table. plz tell me the steps. 211 IBM
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