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Hello, I have 3 years of exp as a mainframes tester in a leading IT company, now am looking to change my company. Could you please let me know, what are the interview questions/topics i should prepare. Your suggestions are truly valuable for me :) Thanks !!  0  82
what are the present versions of all mainframe modules?can any body let me know pls  1  203
This was on MQseries. What does MQ queue Manager do? what are the different types of queues? do you know about remote queues etc. How do you delete records from queues? how do you empty queues?  1  362
How can we extract data from IMS DB and load it onto oracle database by converting it.Pls someone help me tcs  2  318
Please any one can tell me,What are the tools for pl/1 project in real time scenario?(what are the version control,debugging and files related tools)?  0  180
10. Why mainframe testing is so important? Give any three advantages of Mainframe Testing?  0  538
Difference b/w Error and abend in COBOL HP  2  894
Please send me the real time scenarios in Mainframe Project... i.e., it may be in banking or insurance sector or any other no problem..... please send your mails to  0  841
in options (main) , what is meaning of main . if u not used main what will happen? After compiling, os will not understand where to load and execute from AppLabs  0  227
hi.... anybody send real time project related questions & answers whatever will ask in interview me? advanced thanks....  0  539
What is the use of base and index registers in the IBM 360/370 processor?  0  808
Mainframe project required Postby mache123 » Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:10 pm hello..... I want to know about some real time projects.If any one have any Mainframes project, please provide me documentation of it Or else give me the link where can I find that Mainframes projects with Documentation...... or suggest me any if......please IBM   0  394
can any one exaplin about Decision Tables in test region with good example TCS  0  322
how to get last 100 records in file-aid? Syntel  1  1686
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How many minimum number of line codes does PL/1 DB2 program requires? 679 IBM
What are the different types of PL/1 files? 367 IBM
does anybody know about niit technologies ? how is that company ? any body working in that company ? please answer my question.I got selected in NIIT Technologies delhi. 624  
Expalin about Ibm frameworkinh working & is it platform independant & open source? 301 IBM
What are the error (ONCODES) codes did you encounter in PL/1 programme? 481 IBM
suppose if you added a coloumn to db2 table, How would it be the Impact analysis? 241  
by using xpeditor if we want to debug the subpgm, how can you code in x-ped for mai-pgm n sub-pgm ? 269  
what u mean by csrloc and rtncsrloc in rpgIV in as/400.Give an eg? to do...give some coding...what is row no and column no ???..if possible...give a no of lines coding....please 1182 CTS
If JOBA is in MSGW due to data decimal error and DUMP is generated and I found that Decimal field formatted with some special char which is coming from Input file amd file has millions of records. How I can find out on which record the error is occur. Please share your experience..... 412  
How many module come in Ibm framework? 289 IBM
Please send me the real time scenarios in Mainframe Project... i.e., it may be in banking or insurance sector or any other no problem..... please send your mails to 841  
how do we prepare test data using file-aid tool? 552 Syntel
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