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1)In a pf if we delete a record then how to insert a new record at the same place in that pf?? any logic or code? 2)A batch job is taking a lot of time to run,found that it is going into loop and wrapping up so how to skip that loop and process the job without changing the code? 3)In which scenario C D I R comes and C D G F comes in a job? 4)If a job came to error while processing a file how we can know at which record the error hit and how to skip that record and process other records without changing program code? JDA  0  13
Can anybody know difference between SNDUSRMSG AND SNDPGMMSG IN CL PROGRAMMING? IF DON'T KNOW MAIL ME @  1  280
I have SQLRPGLE program in which there are some update statements which executed correctly. there were no errors run time. Once the program gets over, the file was not updated with the new values. What might be the reason?  2  385
how to write code for singlepage in sqlrpgle with update ?  0  199
load all subfile logic in sqlrpgle and when updating particular record it must be lock form other jobs (not a file)? wipro  0  165
hi guys i am new for sqlrpgle, please suggest me good websites and theory and coding. plz plz its very urgent.  0  154
For AS/400 Freshers good website is HP   2  625
can we retrieve dspf source?  1  374
how to see the error messages for each command in cl? cgi  2  506
when this error ocuurs in openqry file 'OPNID(BANKPF) for file BANKPF already exists.'? ITC-Infotech  2  542
How to increase 3 days from my current date in RPG Program? Mind-Tree  3  1233
How to create an Access path in Synon/2E ?  0  1063
I have a display file with mandatory fields. Is there anyway that i can highlight those fields to bring attention to the user? The same behavior that AS400 makes when we attempt to execute a command without completing all the required parameters. Note: I have used DSPATR(HI) or DPSATR(RI) and they have different behaviors. Thanks.  2  827
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Un-Answered Questions
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The content of Physical file is as below: hfcftp wruquief SENDPASV 0 CDUP ASCII GET 01100901.CSV ramndk/ECP505.EC0110090 (REPLACE QUIT Thw above commands will get executed when we call STRTCPFTP from CL program.... Now if I want to use SFTP what can be the solution? plz reply in detail....Thank you for ny help... I m using RPG/ILERPG to download... 226  
WHICH REPLY CODE IS USED BT sftp ? ... (e.g.226 is used by FTP IF FILE IS TRANSFERED) 233  
Hi,Can any body give the code for the below mentioned quetion.?Im trying to get coding in with easily inderstanding.Plese give me the coding for this? 1.How would you achieve this requirement with out using RPG/RPGLE pgm,but by using only CL?Read a database file and display file contents on the screen when enter key pressed the next record should be displayed on screen.When the last record is reached or when F3 key is pressed the program should exit if the file is empty,a message should be displayed indicate that there are no records to display. Database file Name=EMPDBF Fields in EMPDBF to be displayed on screen Employee Number- EMPNUM(5,0) Employee Name- EMPNAM(30,A) Employee Address-EMP ADDR(50 A) 264 TCS
how to write code for singlepage in sqlrpgle with update ? 199  
How do I remove a flag or check no. or name when a user opens too many sessions? 364  
Hi,Please give me the the answer for these quesitons? 1.what is IFS and ICF and RAPE amd DISKET fils? explain with example please? 2.What is the difference between POST AND SPACE OPCODES? 3.Can anybody tell me default printerfile command and object type? 265  
How to create an Access path in Synon/2E ? 1063  
is their a difference in cobol400 for the release 5.2 and 6.1 at the as400. 366  
can we use ASCII ,CDUP,SENDPASV commands in SFTP? 531  
hi guys i am new for sqlrpgle, please suggest me good websites and theory and coding. plz plz its very urgent. 154  
If I want to execute Sftp commands(LS & GET) stored in Physical file from CL program automatically...Can u Plz tell me how can I do this?...How the script will look?? THANX FOR NY HELP... 547  
all i need to know about cmpseqdat parameter in cmppfm, how it works and can we retrieve line sequence and date from the output? 468  
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