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what is Dicetroide in mammels ecept human ? AIIMS  0  359
Please help me guys Question : how to solve the program using C language to convert 8-bit binary values to decimal..  0  206
do you know what role play hr in the organization? Torrent-Power  0  235
please send me NTPC previous papers on my email ID or  0  248
CS &IT field  0  239
i want previous question papers of juniour lectutrs for physics subject.  0  219
what is the full form of ICET? HCL  3  1195
what is the role of commutator in dc motor Bhel  1  696
who in vented super computer?  1  313
what reason to change compnay ?  3  391
write a progrram in c find out gretest num among five num without using if else statement ,switch case,nd control statement  0  310
used of viscocity in petrolium ONGC  0  297
wht is full form of EDLI NIIT  1  787
What is treatment of outstanding expenses in realistion account?  0  276
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Un-Answered Questions
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i am now attendind degree so can anybody say me what conbination helps to attempt KAS 186  
what is democratic right 291 RRB
what is the measuring principle of o2&co 320  
4. According to 2001 census urban-rural population ratio is about— (A) 35 : 65 (B) 32 : 68 (C) 28 : 72 (D) 25 : 75 I. Choose the correct answer from the given options. (One mark each) 1. SEBI is a— (A) Statutory body (B) Advisory body (C) Constitutional body (D) Non-statutory body 10. Which is not the characteristic of socialist or planned economy ? (A) Government is the owner of resources (B) Production decisions are determined by the government (C) Profit motive (D) None of the above 19. How many industries have been reserved for government sector at present ? (A) 03 (B) 04 (C) 05 (D) 06 1931  
hi, this is samba. i completed my B.Tech and i want to complete PG in IIT so give me the exam tips...? 309  
what is Different between Server.Response and Response.Redirect in ASP.Net? 175  
hi frnds this is sankar.I had applied for the central intelligence officer examination .could any body tell me the exam pattern ?/...... 292  
main() { int *ptr=(int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); *ptr=4; printf("%d",(*ptr)+++*ptr++); } 341  
which of the following is said to be an important aspect of industrial relation? 1.profit and loss of the org 2.future expansion programme 3.conflict and co operation 4.quality control 2. The Govt strategy in maintaining indusstrial relation in india is 1. laissez faire 2. total intervention 3. required intervention 4. none of above 261  
a student obtained 60,75 & 85 marks respectively in three monthly exams in math & 95 marks in final exam.the three monthly exams are of equal weight age whereas the final exam is weighted twice as much as a monthly exam.his average marks in Math are? 377  
folly disk is ram type memory or rom type memoty 353 SmartData
Book for preparation of HPCL (CS/IT) . 145 HPCL
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