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what is 43 & 53 in cement Simplex   9  2840
if 40 watt bulb has higher resistance then a 100watt bulb then according to joul farmula p=I^2R the 40 watt bulb more power consume then 100 watt bulb.  5  1203
how much fuel use for perfect average in motorbike .... HEG  2  651
Simultaneous trip of incoming and outgoing breakers of 400kv/220kv trnasformer. What are the probable causes?  1  582
what is the diff of mcb and mccb Sterling-Wilson   2  1762
What is the difference in Cement content for M-20 Concrete if y ou use OPC & PPC? What is the difference in the Curing Period?  1  1585
what is SPLICES & where it is used?????????????  3  1117
Explain mechanism of fatigue failure.  0  157
What does Magnetic Neutral Axis Eskom   1  2562
what is mathematical relation between ac to dc current how will convert Iac=50amp to Idc  6  4181
why we use 4-20 mA for calibration of the instruments.why we cant use 0-20 mA?  4  2221
why output is out of phase in case of common emitter?  0  133
What is mean by vector group? For what purposes we doing vector group test in transformers?  2  1044
whow we find out dc motor field aur armature resistance  1  665
how to make aeroplane? TATA  1  1000
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Un-Answered Questions
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requirement:To move display statements in a cobol program to a dataset.These display statements were not in main program but in calling program and we were not allowed to move these info via sysout dd dsn='' . please let me know the ways this can be handled 233 Verizon
how unidirectional torque is produced in DC motor? 970  
what is commissioning & pre commissioning , explain with difination 141 Bapco-Bahrain-Petroleum-Company
We have drive feeding an output contactor for a 5000 hp motor @ 5kV application. The motor FLA is 629amps x 1.25% service factor = 786.25 amps The cable that we current have in place between the drive and the output contactor is 350kcmil- MV-105 (parallel cables). Per the NEC table 310.60 (C) (69). This show the cable ampacity is at 615 amps per cable for a rating of 1230 amps. We have derated the cable for the cable tray and the multiple cables application and our calculations show that after the correction factor factor we are at 922amps. 1230 amps x .75% correction factor factor = 922.5 amps. The customer is driving us to then use another safety factor of .25% off of the already derated cable. Can you please provide a longhand calculation for your solution on this application? 121 Siemens
Write the fetch cycle and execute cycle for following instructions:JMPNZ (jump to the given address if the accumulator not equal to zero) RET(return from a subroutine) ADB (add the contents of register B to the accumulator and save result in the accumulator). 382  
what is the usage of microcontroller in the panel board? 121  
What is servo lock in CNC how they work and if any parameter for them in CNC machine 732  
is there any codal provision for soil cousion over the Hume pipe of Dia 1.2 m. 102  
What is the purpose of the analyzer in petrochemical plant? 295 ENI
if a PTC having operating voltage 230V is not available then Can we short the circuit where PTC inserted or anybody having other solution. if yes, please reply hurry. 149  
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