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how to find the carpenter work per day? how many cubic feet they should be work per day? Jaypee   3  4290
which "s the best wood for commercial purpose?  3  773
how to syncronize two dg sets  3  619
how to carry out Magnetizing Current Test on Distribution transformer and what purpose we are doing this test. why transformer rating in always in KVA ? what ispositive, negative, zero sequence impedence? How ElCB tripping if Neutral touch with ground Why AC & DC capacitor are use in UPS ? why motor rating in KW? how to syncronize two dg sets  0  358
why in large rating C.T.s equipotential wires are used? Essar  2  1375
hiii.. i wanna ask u is it neccessary to take coaching for preparing for interwiews for placement. because we have toclear the aptitude test  1  319
why battery room in substation is black coloured?  4  1634
why voltage ratings of xmission are in 11, 33,66kv and why not 11.5 ,16,19 or any other Hcl  2  1018
what is the difference between RCCB and ELCB?  2  926
What is difference between PLC and SCADA  8  11606
What will happen if i connect two 3-phase tranformers secondary supply on one bus bar that is R-Y-B-N?  2  384
How Can we calculate current carrieng capacity of Copper Bus-Bars and Alluminium Bus-bar  2  2007
difference between load bus and dead bus?  4  3166
can i get Mahagenco sample question paper?  0  178
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Un-Answered Questions
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Spider cracks occur in beam bottom due to–– 162  
Why phase sequence must be same in any ht motor or generator circuit?if phase sequence doesn't same whatever will be affect on circuit? 183  
hi, in the event earth grounding is not available in a project, is there any other way to make the elcb work? fyi, i have an instant water heater (6.5kw) installed, however if there is grounding in the heating element inside the heater assembly, i will get grounded. thank you in advance to those who will answer my question. 162  
A 1F capacitor is charged to 100V initially. A 1H inductor is connected accros the capacitor througha a switch. The current in the circiut when the switch is closed is____ 283 Ecil
What is the right Step of Commissioning? (Commissioning, Hub Manager, Hardware) 154 NSN
what is the necessity of phase locked loop in amplitude modulation systems ? 248 Cipla
IF alternator SCR value will be high means what happen in alternator efficency at operating power factor of 0.8 499  
How to calculate the individuals quantities of cement,sand,and aggregate having 1:2:4 ratio for 50 cubic meter area. 98 Aparna-Constructions
1.What will be stored in online ups EPROM IC? 173 IBM
pls,send the previous year written test questions. 157  
In all analog voltmeters or ammeter showing some small size symbols. as well as a star and in star 2no. digit, resister symbol,and other. what is that's meaning ? 104  
I am getting above 60 V as open delta voltage against single phase unit ICT at tertiary delta formed and ICT getting trippped on NDR. ICT tested and found in order. PTs provided on tertiary are tested and in order. what may be the reason? 64  
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