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Is it possible to drill additional gland hole in EExd or EExe JBs? What are the points to take care?  2  740
tan delta test of current transformer. NTPC  3  3299
what is the difference between the megger and multimeter operation ?  3  4100
what is the difference between bolt tensioning & bolt torquing give in detail ??  2  3019
an electric bulb or lamp can operate on ac and dc, if yes then why  5  905
what is negative d.c. voltage, why this voltage is used in base transciever station.    0  114
what is fundamental difference between voltage and current  3  865
why table fans rotate clockwise .while ceiling in anti clockwise?  4  1851
why one pin of plug pin is longer than other two? In some mobile chargers one pin is made not conducting .Why?  4  817
what will happen if field winding supply of synch generator accidently got disconnected?  4  600
what will happen if field winding of Synchronous generators given ac supply  2  819
what will happen if transformer given dc input  5  1347
what will happen if dc motor given ac supply  9  2081
what will happen if ac motor given dc supply?  1  803
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Used Cement & Sand in 1 Square Meter or 1 Square Feet For Brick Work 0.115mm ? (1:4) (1:6) 142 L&T
What is the indication of leaking starting valve of an engine? 102 RRB
How can you justify it? 175 NTPC
all questions related to instrument technician in any offshore oil and gas company. 1682  
define reflection method? 185  
Draw the current Vs time graph for an inductor connected to a d.c. source. How will you measure power of a transmissioon line? Tell all the steps alongwith the components used in power generation. Which law governs the induced emf? 279 Bhel
why sometimes PF value have an negative sign? 168  
What does impedance in the windings of transformer signify. 155 Johnson-Controls
features of hbc fuses 269  
for a 400kv t/m line with 10 ampere current will corona occur? 123 NPCIL
please define master-slave flip flop briefly. 144  
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