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What do you mean by component versionig?  0  152
why dijkstra algorithm not used for negative weighted edges graph??  0  403
What do you like and dislike about working for this organisation? Microsoft  0  1053
what is the difference between C and C++? what is the difference between scanf and gets? what is mean by extern what is the use of it? what will happen if i say delete this> Difference between C structure and C++ structure? What is the difference between overloading and overridding? Explain the need for "virtual Destructor" Can we have "virtual Constructors"? What is the different types of polymorphism> What is virtual functions? How to implement virtual function in "C"? What are the different types of storage classes?  0  183
any one help me how the following program execute main() { int x=5; printf("%d %d %d",x,x<<3,x>>2); } //output : 5 40 1  1  227
create a C program, the .exe file of that program run system will reboot any one help me  0  168
Give the coding for system reboot in C  0  187
what is PPM,CM & EM in FM company  1  334
draw diagram of earthings IBM  0  148
draw the diagram of double earthing  0  226
Draw a pipeline configuration to carryout the following operations on the arrays of data represented by A, B, C, D, E and F. (A i represents the i th element of the array). (Ai × Bi + Ci × Di ) (Ei × Fi ) Show the content of the pipline for i = 1 to 5 Omega-Healthcare  0  310
what is active dirctory? jetking  2  381
how to join the pc to the domain? jetking   1  506
why IT?  0  135
consiteunts of indian railways Indian-Railways  0  139
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to score well in examination of MCA(engg) december 2012? please reply soon........ 180  
consiteunts of indian railways 139 Indian-Railways
how will u recieve an std idoc from sendor->reciever 64 HCL
Discuss about WAP architecture in detail. 1087  
how to find out the name of the users who are currently working starting with the same characters in unix os 136  
Always declare destructors to be virtual"?????? why this is so needed????? 191 TCL
can oracle driver be directly connected with odbc driver?? 108  
what is the pri request of binary search 92  
Can a generic class extend another generic class?? 164  
how does data cleansing framework works? 240 TCS
how to avoid a class from getting inherited but respective class should be able to instantiate ? 146  
hi friends i am first time using this site.i came to by some tcs personals that certifications r important for placements.i am financially average i am learning java from books.please tell is it enough if not which certification should i go for 174  
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