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what is microprocessor and microcontroller  0  4
L&T APFC Relay model etacon L8 fault: Initial power factor is 0.6 when capacitor is on, the value of power is getting down, please let me know the reason and rectification details.  0  5
I have a big big doubt...will current decrease if voltage increases and vice versa. . kindly reply.. buddies Ongc  0  7
66,36,18,.......???  4  21
how to decompose a given string ? input-a3b4c0d6 output-aaabbbbdddddd  0  11
what are the various modes of data transfer in 8085? Bsnl  0  20
write down a program to overwrite the contents of the flag register in 8085 UET   0  15
interface an 8-pin switch with 8085 microprocessor located at 0AAH and LEDs at port 55H, draw the circuit diagram. Write down a program to read the switches and do the following: > if the parity of the switch is odd, start counting upward until it reaches 0FFH. > if the parity of the switch is even, start counting downwards until it reaches 00H.  0  11
with a neat sketch, show all the interconnections required between a 8085 processor and a RAM of size 4KB mapped in the range 2000H-2FFFH.  0  9
draw the interface diagram of 8085 microprocessor having input ports at 23H, 2FH, EFH, and output ports at 44H, 2FH, EFH, and FFH using NAND gates only.  0  11
what is the difference between NOPE and HLT instructions in 8085?  0  11
describe the various addressing modes of 8085 processor, also provide an example of each.  0  12
describe various programmable and non-programmable registers in 8085.  0  13
what is the difference between stack pointer and program counter in 8085 microprocessor  0  13
give any two single byte instructions that clear the accumlator register of 8085  0  13
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Un-Answered Questions
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In automation process timer based automation is best or not? any other possible methods are available 199  
what is pla instruction 379 Wipro
how pwm signals generated???? 184  
Which of the following amplifier compensates for drift? A Low gain amplifier B High gain amplifier C DC amplifier D Differential amplifier 136  
Is there any tradeoff between voice quality and bandwidth, how? 207 IIITM
1.what is the difference between snr and cnr?why cnr is used in satellite communication? 2.prove that power spectral density of gaussian noise os n/2 533  
sir,please send me the questions and syllabus for ongc technical assistant exam for electronics and comm 284 ONGC
Explain the toggle state in JKMS FF. 270  
today software are down how u are u going to clear this? 179 HCL
explain the advantages of power factor correction is an RLC circuit for a commercial customer, include tarifs.. 185  
Plz tell me the GATE interview question asked for ECE branch? 365  
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