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what is buscoupler adopter panel????  5  1426
What is Exact meaning for Full load Efficiency and Maximum Efficiency of Transformer? Is there any Difference between? If yes ,please provide with formulae? Techno-Labs  2  1431
What is the function of an exciter in a generator?  3  3482
What is an exciter and how does it work? TATA  4  25829
What is the difference between MCB & MCCB, Where it can be used, Siemens   22  73909
What is encoder, how it function Coca-Cola  9  16541
what r the checklist while installing a 380 kva DG set Pepsi  0  1640
what r the checklist while installing 500 kva transformer Pepsi  0  293
I want formula to calculate cable size as per load given in kw & amp.I searched many sites but didn't right answer.Plz reply me asap. DLF   35  127409
what happens when a power transformer neutral earthing broken??? MacLellan  11  4891
what is power factor? whether it should be high or low? why?  11  2154
what are the various types of earthing? plz give brief detail of all. also post pictures if u have. Aster-Teleservices   22  18628
what do u mean by bus bar?  6  2717
what is the relation b/w KW and KWH? plz explain with example.    6  4711
what is the principle of operation of synchronous motor and generator? explain in detail. Maruti-Suzuki  0  1290
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Un-Answered Questions
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how electricity is generated an supplied till consumer 141 Power-Grid
why is the conservator tank painted white on the transformer 149 Bangladesh-Bank
why it is not advisable to run low rating (19KVA) DG sets in parallel for long durations even though they are provided with droop ckts (QDC) 163  
why we are using the 2 slope in differential relay?but in busbar differential we are using only one slope. what is the reason. 147  
What do u understand voltage reg. of an alternator? 164 IOCL
Why front mounted CT polarities are always towards breaker? 139  
What effect does a very low impedance have on the Voltage regulation? On the short-circuit current? 832  
what is polarity in ac system? and how do identified? 130  
How the capacitance og capacitor volatage transformer is decided? 151  
Circuit diagram of tube light without starter using electrical choke 264  
do anyone out there know where to find a compleete list on acronyms/abbreviations used in offshore electric engineering. MCB - Micro Circuit Breaker, MCCB-Mouldes Case Circuit Breaker, ELCB-Earth Lekage Circuit Breaker, ELMCB- etc..... 81 Aibel
I have lowered a submersible pump having 100 LPM discharge & 130 Mts. Head, 15 HP rating on borewell. After lowering 108 Meters, It is taking 39 amps & blowing the fuse. Can someone put light what is the cause behind it ? 10  
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