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whats the formula for convert KVAR to FARADS  2  3212
We have three 33kv substations. All of them energised by same source.When i am checking the phase sequence between one substation to other substation (like R Phase to R Phase) by multimeter i am getting some voltage.Near to LT panels UPS panels are there. Can u explain whether any possible to happen like that. In Phase SEquencemeter is showing correctly in both substations. How is it happen. Explain me.Explain me communication signal will produce Phase difference on this case.  3  756
What is AVR in Generators and How is it working.  4  1526
is starting current of induction is high or stating current of ransformor is hign ,for the same rating BARC  12  1853
Why is our voltage always seems to be 3.3Kv,11Kv,66Kvetc.. why not 40Kv,39Kv,65Kv???  3  1440
could i arrange a faulty and healthey battery bank togather in parallel , if your ans is not then why?  3  470
could i arrange a faulty and healthey battery bank togather in parallel , if your ans is not then why?  3  486
what is phase angle ? and also tells me why my phase-phase voltages are 390 rather then my single phase voltages are 221 and 223 respectivly?  2  595
why we +ve load distribution in 24v and -ve load distribution in 48volt in the telecom sector.?  2  629
what happen if we supply ac to the field of a alternator?  5  873
how to calculate power consumption in slip ring motor at different step ABB  0  191
in ONAN type transformer winding temperature is lower than oil temperature at evening time but morning winding temp is higher than oil temp what is the reason? Areva  2  1117
how the grounding[earting] is achieved on ships.  1  821
1]how the voltages and frequency are achieved on ships. 2]how does the line and phase voltages are related on ships.  3  453
how many units will 100 kvar capacitor consume for one day? Philips   2  1679
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what is value of Jin transformer 124  
in cvt,there are two windings,1a,1n and 2a, my one project i use only one winding i.e.1a,1n. the other winding is not in use, so i connect it in open delta and want to close it by ibsertibg thermal resistor. the output of cvt is 132kv/115/sqrt3. plesae tell me exact value of resistor, so i may close it to avoid the resonance phenomenin. send me answer on this email adress please. 225  
Why we are going for converter transformers for DC drives application instead of distribution transformer? 162  
How to design the no. of ceiling fans required in 5mtr X 10 mtr X 3 Mtr hight room? 101  
What is the field weakening mode of a ac motor? 268 L&T
how to put cable sizing and cable glands size for respective cable & Cable Lug size in a DB sectors??? 157  
How to calculate the current carrying capacity of sized cables, and there is any formula. please send to '' 129 Blue-Star
how to measure the transformer resistance values(dyn11)?and howmuch the minimum value? 237  
armature winding of dc machine produce alternating emf then it convert in to dc by using commutator.But only we consider armature resistance why don't we consider inductive reactane effect? 177 APTransco
Draw the vector diagram and condition for the following: 1) Dyn1 2) Ynd0 3) YnYn0 818  
what is differentila pilot supervision in the incomer control panel in the power station? 140  
what is the Transformer Impedence?How can calculate? 122  
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