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what is formula in determining the size of Circuit Breaker for transformer with the following specifications. 7 units of 1600 volts (primary) and 400 volts (secondary). Both Primary and Secondary will have a circuit breaker which is SF6. What should be the Switchgear Main Breaker Size anf the sizes of each brances Circuit Breaker for Primary. ABB  1  688
why flowrecent light was flucring?  3  434
how to claculate earth strip size for 1500kVA transformer for neutral and body  3  2850
What are types of losses in the Transmisson Lines ?    4  873
what is meant by impedance & transient protection?  0  236
Readings of ER300P Trivector meter  0  745
generator(Deutz 550kv)is runing for 2 hours with load of 900 amp and then it goes in shutdown with alarm fault messege of speed fault although heirtz reading fixed at 50,what does that mean  1  394
why we can't use more then 50 hz in india ? Is it possible ? DVC  7  1816
Why armour HT XLPE power cable required to Earth?  1  704
What is Delta Connection? What is meant by Forward Delta & Reverse Delta & How Will be the Connection in Power Transformers?  0  210
what is the voltage and ampere rating of all range of HT conductor?  1  867
In some countries it is found that an Earthing Transformer is connected at the LV sides of the Transmission and Distribution Substation Transformers.Actually what is the purpose the Earthing Transformer?  1  642
i have 2 motor of same rating. on no load condition one motor take 1.6A but other motor is taking 4.8A. what is the reason of this. please explain with proof. Ambuja   8  1318
What is the difference IN MCCB's between thermal magnetic and electronic tripping system ?  0  204
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How CT is connected to measure current by changing plug setting , ratio is 300 - 150 / 5 A ? 110 BHEL
how does WTI work ? 76  
what topics we have to concentrate for power grid et.written test.and tell what to read for english synonyms and antonyms. 214  
what is feeder? 459  
upto how much low RPM we will run the commercial motor which is run through VFD without any problem occurs in motor.Motor rating Duty is S1 & RPM is 1400. 130 ABC
Which Class insulation is prefered for the sandwich Busducts ? Why? 145  
Working of microwave oven? 108  
What is transister define the transister ammiter ,base, colector. 257  
Can RCD's used to protect the VVVF drive if not why. 163  
how to calculate voltage drop and followed by cable calculation?is there avail in formula? 260  
how to calculate the loss tangent of electrical cables 212  
What is mean by STUB protection? 127  
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