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How are calculated the aluminium busbar cross section area?  2  2136
Are same transformer be employed for step up and step down services?  3  789
On what basis primary and secondary of a transformer is chosen?  2  770
how to male a d.c bettery to blow a 230v bulb?  1  776
Can a 50-Hz designed transformer be used at 60-Hz system? Is the same remains true, when a 60-Hz designed transformer be used at 50-Hz system? Consider only frequency variation. The voltage remains as rated value in all cases. Justify the answer.  1  1937
How to protect the water pump by no load running. Cushman-Wakefield  8  1437
Hello, im taking an introduction to PLC..and i'm having a hard time on creating a program for 2 lamps blinking alternately with this button characteristics: 1.) One push button (starts upon pressing) 2.) Same push button (when pressed again, will pause the system) 3.) Same push button (when pressed again, will continue the paused system) 4.) Same push button (when pressed within 2 seconds, will shut off the system) Pls..i know this is just a simple problem for you guys..  2  550
In n high voltage 11kv system What happened if 1 of CT cable (IDMT) loose.Will e/f or o/c trip.please explain detail  1  650
In UPFC,What is the need for Dc link ( DC capatior)?  1  755
Can a transformer designed for a particular voltage and frequency rating be used for different set of mentioned ratings? Assume that the winding does not get burnt because of overheating at higher voltage. If yes, then under which constraint it is possible?  1  476
why microprocessors are named as 8085 ,8086 etc? what's the reason for this??? Bhel   11  6609
what is basically a pulse transformer?  1  1185
what is relay multiplier Wipro   1  880
whose motors self starting synchronous or Induction motor?give fact reason why not self starting another mother  2  677
SSC JE ELECT. SSC   1  3793
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are the application of over current relay? 328  
How PSV sizing being done 307  
diff b/w elcb and rccb 2  
What are the types of the glands and difference between single and double compression type of cable Glands. 287 ABC
HT and LT cables can be laid on same cable tray 348  
If I want to replace a 26KW Slip ring Motor with a Squirrel Cage motor & Drive (for a Hoist Application). How can I approximate the Motor & Drive HP required in new Setup. 225  
what are the precuation should be taken ahen installing power transformer,circuit breaker,current & potential transformer 155 Siemens
Ceiling fan motor wiring Hi, I have 2 ceiling fans broken. The receiver/control units burned out due to lightening. One Harbor Breeze and one Hunter's I took them apart (remove receiver units). Now on both of the motor I see 4 wires coming out from each motor I really want to know the function of each wire. Are there anyway I can test to see which is which? After searching forums I know these 4 wires are from 2 sets of coils inside the motor, one is Start winding and the other is Runing winding I could not find the receiver/control unit any where, so I am planing to buy Capacitors and universal remote controls to make the fans run again. Anyone has any idea how to do the wiring, please help Thnks 109  
how we can calculate chiller required ampear? 130  
an amazing situation was faced when an alive distribution panel with 415 volts and carrying almost 200Amps has become short and this metal cubical showing 220 volts against neutral and earth. to redress any confusion i checked the panel with help of single 200watts test lamp which also glowing with max.intensity b/w neutral & metal body of DB. amazing situation is that i hold the DB firmly more than once with necked foot means without insulated shoes but not received any electrical shock. whereas our all running gen sets neutral points also proper grounded and this short DB was completely earthed , this is beyond my understanding . any body explain how is it possible . our running gen set neutral also grounded firmly 103  
how you configure motorvision relay (L&T make)from DCS 1059 Ispat
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