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why do motors burn out? I understand why adding parallel loads to a power source means more current moves through the circuit, and can destroy circuit elements by overheating. What about when you have a vaccuum cleaner intake flush against a floor, a room fan sitting directly against a wall, or a power drill trying to drill through something too hard?  0  177
For 300 MW plant what is the distribution voltage  6  1023
in alternator what is use of AVR ? how AVR is operating either AC or DC?  1  972
in alternator how we can give power to rotor ? its power is AC or DC ?  5  777
how can u determine size of the conductor by knowing the voltage level  2  737
why HV test for cables?.why 0.7times? Bosch  0  165
What will be the output of t/f supplied with DC sourse?  2  350
what is IP55,IP65  2  3162
what do u mean by starting torque? how it should be for a good motor? what is the relation between starting torque and power factor? What is the relation between efficiency and starting torque?  2  383
please explain me about traction application?  2  744
define differential current and restraining current in relays. how to calculate it by mathematically? post the formulaes. Siemens   4  4134
why the rating of a transformer in kva not in kw.  8  1564
why cu losses called cu losses.  5  1027
What is the value of nuetral current in star connected load when DC is supplied to it???  1  502
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is meaning of out of phase (making & breaking) capacity And how to calculate 230 BMC
How much current will a 5 HP delta connected motor at no load will take?Is tat need a starter 755  
How can claculate to attain the desired PF in the line ( HOW Much KVAR is required ) Pls Give the formula? Equate Petrochemical 0 1 how to calculate sizing of NGTR (Transformer rating,Loading resistor value and Current rating of resistor) and what is the X/R ratio. Details : 11kV,Capacitance 1.73532 micro farads,40kA for 1sec. 0 1 What will happened. if we feed 3phase supplay to the stater with out insert the rotor. How much current will flow through the stater winnding? Equate Petrochemical 0 1 What is required of exietation to the alternater. 0 1 why star point of HT motor not earthed? Equate Petrochemical 0 1 Why we are getting low voltage in star connection? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 What's ND relay & it's functions? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 How instantanious short circuit current is calculated? its formula? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 What is servo Motor? What's the advantages of this motor over Induction motor? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 What is core CT & it's function? Equate Petrochemical 0 3 what is meant by star/delta voltages as 440/220 in a 3 phase induction motor, and why it should be connected on STAR IN 3 PHASE SUPPLY L & T 0 4 What is required of exietation to the alternater. KNB 1 23 what is the design voltage for 6.6KV 2000 KVAR HT capacitor? Consultancy 0 3 Pls explain about vfd control?Where it is used, Give some example? siemens 1 22 Please explain me abt PQ diagaram in the power sector. 0 9 169  
Why efficiency of generator is higher than motor at a particular load? 221  
For group 1 , 2 whather i have to prepare my technical or general studies etc? and im graduate in ee engg. for wht posts im eligible for? please tell me! 187 Maruti-Suzuki
what is meant by residual over voltage & residual earth fault ? 1164  
dear sir/madam i want to get some knowledge about RRB EXAMINATION(section engineer) 1- what is minimum cut off 2- wht portion is major portion . 3- can any body provide Sample paper. thanks & regards ashish 213 RRB
how to calculate the formula of cable size if motor kw is given 223  
What is the theoretical reason for the size of a zig zag grounding transformer to be 1.732 times less than that of a wye-delta grounding transformer used for the same application? 160  
what is ten delta test? what is the significanse of it 105  
?? how to calculate lighting system ???? 173 L&T
If you donít have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.? 97 Bajaj
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