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why do motors burn out? I understand why adding parallel loads to a power source means more current moves through the circuit, and can destroy circuit elements by overheating. What about when you have a vaccuum cleaner intake flush against a floor, a room fan sitting directly against a wall, or a power drill trying to drill through something too hard?  0  177
For 300 MW plant what is the distribution voltage  6  1025
in alternator what is use of AVR ? how AVR is operating either AC or DC?  1  974
in alternator how we can give power to rotor ? its power is AC or DC ?  5  778
how can u determine size of the conductor by knowing the voltage level  2  741
why HV test for cables?.why 0.7times? Bosch  0  166
What will be the output of t/f supplied with DC sourse?  2  352
what is IP55,IP65  2  3171
what do u mean by starting torque? how it should be for a good motor? what is the relation between starting torque and power factor? What is the relation between efficiency and starting torque?  2  386
please explain me about traction application?  2  745
define differential current and restraining current in relays. how to calculate it by mathematically? post the formulaes. Siemens   4  4152
why the rating of a transformer in kva not in kw.  8  1567
why cu losses called cu losses.  5  1029
What is the value of nuetral current in star connected load when DC is supplied to it???  1  504
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if a 3phase 100kva distribution transformer , 400 v,50 hz, 4-wire system is loaded at 160 k.w mostly 1-phase Lighting & Airconditioning split a.c load what will be the net effect on the power system in terms of voltage, powerfactor, current , efficiency of xformer 154  
what precautions to be taken while desigining a LT,HT panel. Eg-LT panel PCC panel with ACB installed. HT panel VCB panel with VCB installed. & what is main diffrence betwn IP54 & IP55 construction of panel. 122  
what is 3 phase motors 227 AXA
What the formula for calculating no.of earthings & size of earth strip for 100mX90m shop. 166  
what is the defination of Cable database? What are the points are considered while preparing cable database? Is there any sample available for cable database? 190  
Can anybody please refer the best and simple book for about Protection relays and in detail of all its protection ? 162  
What the difference between three phase contactor (coil 110vac) & three phase SSR (control voltage 110Vac)? May I use contactor in place of SSR? 112  
while calculating the power absorbed by a resistor connected to the output of a half wave rectifier circuit should we use rms or average current? explain with reason. 149 Vedanta
what is per unit calculation?looking for simple and strong explanation thk u 241  
what are the difference between AC lamp and DC lamp 110 Apollo
why we use mostly 3-phase but not 4-phase and 5-phase what is the difference between them 313  
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