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Why is it not possible to operate a star-delta transformer in parallel with delta-delta transformer?  1  3
what is recommended breakdown voltage of transformer oil?  0  4
How to resolve if Diesel generator stop while running ?  0  4
How Diesel Generator start ?  0  4
can a 12v dg starting battery(150 AH) be replace by 6 nos of 200AH batteries each of 2v connected in series.  2  6
how to calculate the current carrying capacity of a 25 & 16 kva distribution transformer.  0  5
What are objectives of energy managements ? Kirloskar  0  6
What is the maxvoltage drop allowed at any healthy joint at full load ? Kirloskar  0  6
why the power factor is low at no load?  0  7
why electron flow is opposite to current flow?  0  7
why should a transformer be never connected to dc supply  1  7
What will happen if 2 phase supply is given to 3 phase motor? ABC  0  8
as per IE stranded what is max voltage between neutral to earth. 100 kva transformer neutral solid earth. min and max values i need to ans for RTI question  2  9
define reactive power? Alstom   2  11
define the active power?  0  8
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Un-Answered Questions
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what's the requirement of Dy11d0 connection of 3 phase transformer?what's use of it? 909 Thermal-Systems
we have consol make 3 phase servo stabilizer for cnc m/c. while installing the earth neutral voltage is 1.7 volts at stbilizer off condition and when stabilizer get on en voltage reaches 4.8 volts (new earthing is done and neutral is helthy condition all phase to neutral volts 440,442,441 v)why this happen.solution for cause. 459  
how can we phase identification in a distribution line,how we recognise that which phase is coming for a house hold me............ 140  
what is the difference beteen differential protection and over current protection of an alternator 145 GVK
How we calculate DC inducation moter Amp? Sir pls give me formula...... 108 Superlite
Alternator rotor earth fault relay circuit 106  
why do we carry out winding resistance test? 161 MahaGenco
what is ten delta test? what is the significanse of it 106  
What is C2-M2-E2 class in circuit breaker. why and where it is to be used in circuit breaker 1234  
what is the difference between general inverter and solor inverter clerly explain plz 112  
give some advantages and disadvantages of combiniing the session, presentation, and application layer in the osi model into one single application layer in the internet model 228  
define as synchronous generator 119 Enercon
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