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How can get current system time continuously without refresh of page?  1  2476
What is difference between in_array and array_search? Tcs  0  737
I have array like $array = array(1, "hello", 1, "world", "hello"); if i want the following output then how can i do this? Array ( [1] => 2 [hello] => 2 [world] => 1 ) NIIT  2  458
If i have an array $string = array(1,2,6,2,9,6,7,3,1,2); How can i get only unique values from it? Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 2 [2] => 6 [4] => 9 [6] => 7 [7] => 3 )  2  440
what is main difference between array_push and array_pop?  0  405
Which framework is best in php among Smarty, Cakephp, Joomla, Drupal, Zend or Something else...? If any then Why? Hcl  1  1620
How can get all database name using Php and Sql? NIIT  0  290
Is there any static classes are in java give some examples  0  355
How can i know that how many user are visited to my page in php? NIIT  0  194
How can restrict user to type upto 8 characters in textbox in php?  0  371
Which keyword is alias for count keyword in php?  0  314
Is there any way to open notepad within php?  0  294
How can export database using php code?  0  294
How can import database to mysql using php code? Wipro  1  415
What is used of serialize and unserialize in php?  0  472
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Un-Answered Questions
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maximizing the main window 341  
How do you verify if the two sentences/phrases input is an anagram using predefined functions in string.h and by using arrays? 316  
advance the focus to next consecutive fields when Enter Key is pressed 506 TCS
How to use Client-side Script to Focus Controls in ASP.NET? 445  
1.Why does only one copy of a servlet object get created? What happens if you want to remove an old servlet object currently running but do not want to stop the entire servlet engine? 2.How does one servlet object deal with interactions from many browser? (e.g. if your servlet ran an email site, how can it keep track of hundreds of users logging in, reading their mail, etc.) 475  
Code for Using Keyboard Events? 536  
Given a string=”me,I,myself”; .Using javascript only create an array out of this string and then send a POST request to the url “record.php” without reloading the page. The post key parameters should be n1,n2 and n3 respectively. 407  
Bubble Sort. java thereafter the user will be asked to inpout the size of the list,sort the list in ascending order and display the sorted list in a horizontal manner??? 511  
communication between main window and new windows 359  
Find out the list of roles which gives access to all t-codes in SAP? Thanks in advance. 295  
how to use the GetTickCount() properly and what is that procedure for? 574  
How we use ajax in through javaScript. Please givee me an example. 1090  
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